When Youre in the Fire, You Need A God Who Doesnt Burn


God is so good isn't he. The joy shares. We terry there. None other has ever known. I want to read from the book of first. Peter and i'm reading chapter four and verse number twelve bible says here beloved do not think it strange concerning the fire retrial. Which is to try you as though some strange thing has happened. isn't that an interesting scripture. Don't think the fiery trial you're going through is strange. it's normal. i hate to be the bearer of bad news. Do not think the fiery trial which is to try you as those. Some strange things happen to you. I want to talk to you today about a message that i've entitled when you're in the fire you need a god who doesn't burn. Can you say man. You need a god who doesn't burn now last week. I asked you in my message. If you are fully persuaded today. I wanna take take take a quick look at what being fully persuaded. Looks like what being fully persuaded actually is. Because you need to be fully persuaded when you're in the fire that there is a god there with you and that that god that's with you does not burn. You need to understand number one that you will experience fire in your life every single one of you including me is going to experience fire in our lives because no one escapes. No-one does no one escapes fire. In fact job. Chapter fourteen verse. One tells us that man who is born of woman is a few days. How many of you think you don't live long enough everybody because everybody's trying to stay alive as we get older. We're trying to find the right medication to keep us going. Keep this life lingering on i'm actually praying. I don't linger on the longer than my ability to function. I'm not trying to be morbid. I it's just that. I see some people and i don't want to live that long because i have a hope in heaven. That's why i've but man who is born of woman is a few days and then you know what else to says. Copter says it's a few days is says it is full of trouble. Man who is born of woman is a few days and full of trouble. And i'm not trying to discourage you this morning. I'm not trying to preach a message of discouragement. But as you go through life you experience various things at any time in life and sometimes multiple things at the same time. I see on the face of people that i deal with. I see on the face of people that people are hurting. People are wounded. People are struggling. People are discouraged and in general people are just broken we are. We are all broken people. I don't mean to be a preacher of doom and gloom or to make you feel bad like there's no hope but we are all broken people. Someone bought me just recently. I'm not even sure what they're called but they're like weightlifting gloves. Like a pat on your palm. That y- i don't know what they're call. Someone bought me those which i appreciate very much but it helps you be able to hold stronger. Weights pat this leather pattern. Your and they bought a brand name was a brand name that good quality and they wanted to give it to me as a gift and they gave it to me and i opened it up and out of the package. The wrist straps velcro around your wrist and velcro loop on one side. And then you've got that soft pad on the other side connection to the loop and the pad on one of them was completely unknown zone except for one little thread that held one little piece of it on there and i said look at that and when you put it on the think flopped around because it wasn't so it on and i thought look at that out of the by. He felt so bad because he paid good money for a quality brand and it was broken and he was felt so bad he was saying to pass from so sorry. I tried to buy the best quality. The bet i said relax. I said it's no big deal. We'll get fixed and we did victim. My wife brought it up to a seamstress that she does work with. And you'll this lady took it in professionally. Sewed it back on and didn't charge her. that nice nicest. People still like that and she did that. She sewed it back on. Didn't she didn't charge my wife for and now it works he. He was so apologetic that it was the first of all everything in life is broken one way or another and then i looked at him and i said including you and me. I'm not trying to preach a message of doom and gloom. But i do want to tell you today that we are all broken people. We are all broken in one way or another and even in this small group of people between both services that we have and people that watch online. We're talking just a couple of hundred people and get within that couple of hundred people. I see faces of people who are broken people who are urging people who are wounded people who have been rejected people who are downcast people who are struggling with one hardship or another people who are going through storms of life. I see it in the faces of those ideal with and soda. You not trying to preach a message of doom and gloom. Just bear with me. But i got to bring us down to reality before i can lift us up to the hope that we have in. Jesus christ can you say men and so we all face all kinds of hardships. We've got relationship

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