Third person in a week shoved onto New York City subway tracks


In in the the subways subways today, today, with with word word of of another another person person being being thrown thrown onto onto the the tracks tracks this this time time in in Brooklyn. Brooklyn. Anyone. Samantha leaving has a story in this live report from the Barclays Center station. Yes and Kathleen the third subway pushing in less than a week. This time, police say, a 29 year old man was pushed onto a south and four train train tracks at the Barclay Center stop after the suspect began yelling at him and followed him off a train. Luckily, the victim was able to climb out. It follows two incidents in Manhattan last week one Thursday in Union Square, where 40 year old woman was pushed as a train approached. She survived survived with with minor minor injuries. injuries. And And as as straphangers straphangers who who spoke spoke with with NBC NBC for for being being extra extra vigilant. vigilant. Well, Well, I'm I'm not not going going to to be be standing standing next next to to the the tracks. tracks. I'm I'm going going to to stay stay in in the the middle. middle. I I ride ride the the trains trains no no late late at at night. night. I I work work overnight, overnight, sometimes. sometimes. Just Just pray pray that that they they put put more more hops hops out out and and way way just just need need to to be be more more aware aware of of my my surroundings. surroundings. No word from the NYPD on whether there be more cops in the transit system, But the Guardian Angels announced this weekend they'll be upping their patrols in subways. Samantha Leap in

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