Trump to hold first White House event since COVID diagnosis


Trump announcing new campaign rally in Florida and a White House event tomorrow on the very balcony where he of course returned. From the hospital. Monday all of this political reinforcement of Donald Trump's yes. Failed governing model on the virus breaking his own administration CDC guidelines featuring a medically contagious person that will be addressing a crowd which reinforces the largest problem facing trump's reelection. What Nicole, and I were just discussing fifty-nine percent of voters disapproved straight up how he handles cove it. This is a substantive soon on me, it's hitting Donald Trump's reelection. It has bringing as well. Another moment I'm going to show you right now that many politicos thought they'd never see. I'm talking about the moment when Donald Trump's cove evasions get so secretive. So extreme. So basically, information ridiculous there too much for even his ally. Sean Hannity a trump supporter who literally spoke at a trump rally while working as a Fox News anchor who defends trump nightly, but who felt compelled to press the basic question on the president's health about testing, which of course, informs the medical risk trump poses to others right now. And here it is the moment when Sean Hannity asked if trump's been tested and trump ducks and hannity follows up and trump ducks again and handy even goes there a third time and trump talks again. Have you been tested recently. Too. So the doctors today they think I'm in great shape I'm in great shape. and. I'll tell you it took regenerate. It's phenomenal. Have you had a test since your diagnosis a week ago? Well, what we're doing is probably the tests will be tomorrow the actual task because there's no reason to test all the time. There you have it. Have you tested negative won't say. Did you have a test won't say, when did you have your last test won't say. This. Is a tell. Everyone knows trump has covert so it is hard to see a benign reason to hide a negative new tests while the interview itself featured trump understandably showing some signs of the virus. With three debates with Hillary and Or I think I debate They. They. Related the Mike, but I will say this absentee is okay. Because absentee ballots. Excuse me absentee ballots. It's okay to cough. It's okay to have symptoms. It's okay to feel medically week. The problem is the president denying this going forward. To, pose a risk to others he spent the week in hiding while releasing these videos I'm not playing much of them, but they're government-controlled videos designed to suggest the opposite they are edited by your government, a tax payer accents, public appearances we can't journalistically or information to get much out of them but this morning trump did contradict White House claims by saying he might not have recovered at all. And I recovered immediately almost immediately, I might not have recovered at all. From Gobert. That may be another lie and maybe an exaggeration, but it is very different from the story. That we got from Donald Trump's doctor who now claims that not only is he doing great, but it's completely safe for him to return early to public engagements. If this doctor has medical evidence to prove that claim he must release. He's not. and Donald Trump was literally been caught lying more than any politician in history facts won't even say to Sean Hannity that he has tested negative. Now, that alone wouldn't even be evidence because it could be another lie, but it is something it is telling. That he didn't even do that, it would be something. But in the White House where at least thirty four people have been infected and the public's business at stake on this matter of public health as Donald Trump plows towards government campaign gatherings, he is offering absolutely nothing.

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