Question 2: What to know about the debate over the Massachusetts ranked choice voting ballot measure


Questions before Massachusetts voters this November. Question one has to do with motor vehicle mechanical data well question to pertains to ranked choice voting last night, there was a virtual debate about Frank Joyce. It's ballot question Number two, and it's an entirely new method of voting, one in which candidates are ranked in order of preference with other complexities baked in Massachusetts fiscal Alliance board member Jennifer but serious doesn't care for the process. And here's one reason why I often voters know they really like candidate A and they might know that really dislike for candidate E. But they might not know much of anything at all about candidates. B. C and D Harvard's Daniel Allen is a ranked choice Voting honorary co chair. She Suggest choice is more civilized than binary voting. Let's want to win, not just first person's first choice. They also want to be people 2nd and 3rd choice that makes them less likely to demonize their opponents, since they're kind of pick up their opponents voters Kriss Farm

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