Christian Minister vs. David C. Smalley

Dogma Debate


Join me in welcoming who you may know as Cathy Taylor is dead but I promise you he has his own name welcome Dave fogged rude to the show Dave. How are you? Hey. Can you hear me? Okay I can hear you just fine you sound great. Good. Thank you for that introduction brother. Hey, how you doing man? You you know the way I. Look at it every day as a gift David and I'm doing good. I mean I've been through a few things Virus going and everything but I'm doing good good. So you're feeling good you kicked it and you'll set. Yup. Yup Our all set. The symptoms ended up to last for a while but. I seem to be back to normal. Really we I got my wife and I back the end of May May like Memorial Day weekend thing. Yep. While did it require hospitalization or did you guys just stay at home or? Well actually it did require hospitalization. My wife got so sick I didn't think I was out sick I had already been sick and really hurting my muscles and everything but she got so bad that she said, I think I better go to the Er and when I got her there, her oxygen level was down to fifty five. And I didn't know. They don't hustle that I. Know It. That's really low. So she was on that we went in and within the hour they took her by ambulance up to Madison and put an ICU for a week and then she spent the next week in a normal room. Through, this treatment stuff you know. Had to be rough when he goes. Here. I am sitting in the car I didn't realize that she was going to be going to Madison from Beloit and. I thought well I'll go why am I sitting here on my so go myself checked I get to the door and they found my temperature was one hundred and three soul I've never had that happened before. So, anyway, I spent most of the night in Er and started got doctored up and went home and took care of my dog and a few days later, I went in for a week Yep Yep. I'm so thankful the multi goes pulled through. That's really cool. It's yeah I'm glad you. Say This my wife's auctioned level was so low that they wanted to intubate her with that Whatever you call. I forget what you call the intimate you but she refuses she's a nurse and she said no way I'm not going to have that to don my lungs and they said, well, we'll have to do something else and sure enough they were able to put on a high oxygen high volume oxygen mask and. It helped her she pulled through. So is that the thing that they later found out is actually kind of bad for covert patients whenever they recycle that that air. Yet why it could be I. Do know this that her concern was if she's really got called it and you stick that thing down your throat and then into your lung, they're going to push that stuff more into your lungs and She's pretty smart nurse you know. Goodman. I'm glad you guys made it through really am that's fantastic. So I guess the big question that that that my listeners have that I have for you right off the bat is. How in the world did such a wonderful guy? Raise such a potty mouth because Kathleen Taylor let me tell you I mean beep beep right I know I. Love my daughter with all my heart. I don't appreciate her body I. Don't see the need for it but You know she's kind of adopted that as part of her vocabulary. Yes. We love it man to be honest with you over here. It's like to be real. Don't get me wrong. I get it I get it. She's she's so unique in more than anything. I'll say all religious beliefs aside I mean it. You know if more humans just in general had the love and care in their heart that Kathy does. There would be no need for this show. I, mean her just the way she treats people in loves people is just inspiring everybody atheist Christian whatever. So you did something right and she's doing good for the world even if you disagree with her sometimes you know. Oh we only disagree on certain items, but I love her with all my heart and I would give my life for her she's amazing she's gifted and She's full of love and compassion, and what more can you ask for you know? All right. So Chris, she's a Christian. Okay. I'll take your word for. That one. So so let's so let's dive into that. So what what branch of Christianity what what flavor are usually like to say were you raised in were what was your of your faith as a child? Well. I feel really blessed because I was raised in a loving family and I was raised in a more of an evangelical type of environment grew up in even jellicoe free. Church which is a very. It's not it's not. It's not extreme liberalism. It's not like legalisms legalistic. It's It's a well balanced church, but it doesn't compromise the scriptures and It's a good sound upbringing I had and my mom and dad. Demonstrated love and. You know and I think they they had been through things I didn't realize like my mom had at least one. WHO's Gon? WHO's now gone but who was an alcoholic for six months out of the year and the other six months? He was up preaching you know. So I mean, all I'm saying is I think they learned to look beyond somebody's faults and see their needs, and that's what I like to do. Do you think that's what Jesus would do you think do you think religion is -quired required for that? I think that there's a lot of good people in the world who do not claim to be a Christian or do not do not claim to believe in Jesus. Good people but. So there's people that have compassion and love and. And even even though they don't claim to be religious per se. So I mean apparently you can be a good but. I I always reflect on the importance of. Faith and because the Bible says that you know we're not saved. By being good but by the grace through by God's grace through faith. Well. What I'm getting at is You know. If if people can be good without religion. And people can be good with religion. It seems like people can just be good with their without religion. So then I ask what's the point in religion if we can do well without it? Yeah, well, you call it religion and I'm not. I mean religion is. Man responsible trying to reach God but I'm more into the relationship thing where Scott reaching down to man. I believe that will we're all centers even good. People are centers you know okay.

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