Patreon comes out top for donations, says podcaster



After a year working on the program a fiction podcast. The author has written their learnings. We learned that patriot is the king in donations. A feature in apple. Podcasts really helps and about the pleasures of read it in sweden. Spotify launched spotify's. You'll calendar playlist with curated. Christmas music and three brand new spotify original christmas podcasts. With a door swedish personalities it's updated daily and we'll be until december the twenty four th is. This wants to come for all of us next christmas. Who knows carlos. Coffee at goldsmiths university of london wrote his final projects on the podcast industry. And how coach the pandemic meanwhile lilian gonzalez wrote about podcasters who started during lockdown and jar audio wrote about the things twenty two thousand and taught them about podcast storytelling willing to all of those from our show notes nine newsletter. Today there are for matic away to share. Podcast is shared something of its own list of the top five shared podcasts. Which is good transistors. Private podcasts now have expanded analytics with more information. Kastari has a new player for their seriously. Simple podcasting plug in and captivates private. Podcast feeds now. Integrate with zappia captivate advisor. App is go self service audio. Ads platform has won best new product and the grand prix award in the wires. Global awards. congratulations to them. Diese says it's the fastest growing music app in mexico. The app contains podcasts as well willing to how to get yours there today. Third coast audio festival is holding a fundraiser. Following the twenty twenty that was. And the joe rogan sub. Reddit isn't much enjoying spotify experience we linked to through with all the gory details and talking about it. We thought we'd give this ago. You'll now find us. There smash asked pod news. It's open as a place to discuss the news. Look we cover here and it should be fun until all goes wrong. Stand on the north grand island bridge in upstate. New york this field recordings from the uk's suit chandrika chakrabarti the first of the best podcasts of twenty twenty four nick qua- writing infrastructure willing to his full list today in show nights and that also today. Google has launched a podcast whether internet live sarah the unseen world of data centers hosted by simple cost. It's a six episode show. This american life is twenty five years old and is featured in the guardian. The article claims it has three point one million weekly downloads and five minute news. Daily news podcast has joined evergreen podcasts. The facts based format is hosted by anthony davis. Uk broadcaster from his home in los angeles.

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