A highlight from Launch your Book Business in 2021 w/Paulette Harper


All right we are live. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. It is that time again. And i have my good friend. He appellate harper and she says she is going to help us launch our book. Business in twenty twenty one is that right. Yes that is and thank you. Brian for having me on i appreciate it. Well we shall see. We shall see the authority project war. All right ladies and gentlemen boys and girls feast your eyes tune your ears. It's that time again. We are live with another episode of the authority project. It's a video. Podcast streamed on facebook. Youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers coaches and creators of all kinds on how they built authority field. And how you can mimic their success developing authority building your audience and attracting better clients to your own business now without further ado. Let's bring to the virtual stage. Your host brian s arnold arnold back on the virtual stage year the authority project. You are the project you want to slap authority to your needs. You can still more of what you agreed at in we are here with polit hopper. Excuse me coach. Paula harper the building virtual building. How're you doing today. i'm really well how are you. I'm great thank you so glad to have you on here is a great topic is so funny because i'm reading this book By another person Dana derek's about is called. I personally my instagram. The one week off there so glad. I'm glad you have your really give me psyched up to really do my my next book. So this is great for me. Oh i'm sure it's gonna be great for everybody else to so we dive in 'cause it's not just for me but before we dive in. Let us talk about who you are personally and then professionally. Okay well personally As you mentioned. I am all at harper and I have. I'm a speaker and also i'm a book writing coach a call it a story coach and i live in a beautiful area of northern california in in this in The san francisco bay area. Yeah san francisco bay area and i have four grandkids two adult daughters. And this love it here in the city and On my and my fun time. I love jazz and a life is to hike as well. Nice very nice. Okay so tell us what your current project working right now at the moment yes. Currently i am actually going to be launching. A membership for aspiring authors call. Elevate your your story. It is a six month Mastery program that's going to start in january and so that's why my focuses right now. I'm going to be hosting a workshop on saturday to Entitled the world map to off the ship had a ride in publisher authentic story. And then i'm gonna also be launching. Actually the open enrollment to my membership course awesome. I love that so so. Here's the question that you might not be ready for. But will i'm sure your hindley. Because you're appro- i'll tell chose now What's your daily routine is on my goodness well. Every day is different. Because i'm doing something If it's about my business. Or maybe i'm doing some one coaching with other You know with some My client so For instance like today I check to see what i'm going to be doing in the course of the day in plan accordingly so i knew i was coming on here at one and so i had some free time this morning so i was able to do some things that i couldn't do yesterday and then The rest of my day is already planned out with You know talking to people and networking with people. Well so it just varies from day. To day i get that so so let's let's get right into it now. Let's talk about finally finishing that book Is it such a stumbling block for so many people who really designed to do to do this thing that is within them they wanna bring a story on idea or something that they really want express but there is a a a hurdle to the wise that sell. Yeah people Deal with internal objections all the time and so eternal internal objections are those limited belief systems system mindset. That says i don't have time to write a book that says i don't have the money to ride it. I have too many topics that i wanna write about. And i just don't know which one i don't know how to start. I don't know how to publish. And so they within themselves. They have all these internal objections that stop them from moving forward instead of tackling it finding out how can i. How can they get help to get over those hurdles and instead they just resort to the fact of you know what i'm just not gonna do it at all because it seems so overwhelming and it's not overwhelming at all. It comes with getting clarity. It comes with you know. Maybe you need a book coach and it comes with the ability to want to just get through those hurdles and finally get the book at least started so that you can get on the you know the journey to publication this awesome. So what is your method of writing a book without giving away the farm and give your whole entire formula was to come to you and say you know i i. I wonder about it. Because i just don't know. How would you tell them in that. In that moment you know the first thing that i would tell them is to get clarity on their story. Why you know why they're writing their story in the clarity really comes from knowing what topic you want to write because until you get the clarity on your story you can't even begin to write the story in itself so you get clarity and a lot of times. People are stuck on just not knowing what to write. You know which story to write. What topic to right because we have so many life lessons. We have so many topics that we can talk about. We have so many experiences that we got to life. And so it's finding the that one that one topic that you wanna ride about because as a writer once you write one topic you can write all the rest of them you know but just find out to get the clarity on the story first and then from there. It's outlining the story in which you can get once you get clarity you start out in how your story is going to How you want ride to story. Dennis just really effortless because it flows a lot better. Once you get clarity on where you gotta go kick resource. Some of the questions are just popping out on me now. So do you. I mean they're they're there things. Do you write like own fashioned traditional pen and paper. Are you on you on your laptop typing away or you're doing it is with the recorder of some sort in that way. Yeah a couple of ways. So i can sit at my computer and just you know. Get down low like that

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