FDA gives Pfizer coronavirus vaccine emergency use authorization


Trump says This is one of the greatest scientific accomplishments in history. Visors Corona virus vaccine Granted emergency use authorization Friday by the FDA, FedEx and UPS will handle distribution. ABC is Alex Perez. Is that a five year facility in Portage Portage Michigan Michigan Michigan to to to 2.9 2.9 2.9 million million million doses doses doses that that that are are are gonna gonna gonna be be be part part part of of of that that that first first first batch? batch? batch? They're They're They're already already already all all all prepared. prepared. prepared. All All All in in in vials vials vials are are are stored stored stored in in in Special Special Special freezers freezers freezers here here here at at at the the the facility. facility. facility. Those Those Those freezers freezers freezers keep it at the extremely cold temperatures that it needs to be at now. Those vials in trays will now be placed into boxes. Those boxes are also equipped to keep the vaccine at that cold temperature, and then it's gonna be loaded onto trucks and those trucks. Many of them will be headed out to airports, and so begins the process of distributing this. More than 600 addresses across all 50 states leaders of those states are urging patients is Friday was the deadliest day of the pandemic. In the U. S. There were thirty three hundred nine deaths reported, according to Johns Hopkins University. Illinois

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