Microsoft envisions 'scoring' meetings based on body language


Microsoft has applied for a patent called meeting insight computing system. That would use a system of cameras and sensors to record data in conference rooms. Things like body language facial expressions. The amount of time participants contribute to a meeting your speech pattern quote consistent with boredom and fatigue. They'll tell of your board. Then they'll add that to whether attendants were texting or browsing the internet and that will combine with factors like was the meeting. Efficient was the room temperature. Really hot and uncomfortable and overall quality score will be created for those meetings. The system could eventually predict the likelihood of holding a high-quality meeting based on time of day who's involved etc and flag potential challenges ahead of time. Maybe suggesting alternative time or a different venue a or maybe different people different length of time. I don't know the system could be used for in person. Virtual or hybrid meetings microsoft has been working on the system since two thousand eighteen and told the bbc. The application of patent does not necessarily indicate that the technology described will be implemented in a product. This is especially interesting because microsoft is taking a bunch of heat over a productivity score that it includes in microsoft three sixty five now. This is a different thing. This is the thing. That's actually in microsoft. Three sixty five. It's not a patent. it's an opt. In feature that aggregates information. About email us network connectivity et cetera. Similar but not the same thing and security and privacy advocates this week were pointing out that one of the default settings let managers check data on individual employees which would let them see who sent the least emails who collaborated the least documents other individualized metrics organizations choose who can see that individual data with an option to anonymous. Remove it entirely but they don't have that option. User data is aggregated over a twenty. Eight day period microsoft. Rich say like well. The point of the productivity score was not to spy on people but we. I guess leave that up to the companies because they might want to bear on for a benign reason look at individual scores and compare them.

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