Serbia, Montenegro expel each other's ambassadors


Neighboring countries expelling each other's ambassadors is not normally the prelude to anything good so montenegro. Booting out serbia's ambassador. On saturday with belgrade responding in kind raised alarm bells in the balkans which is the way of alarm bells in the balkans raised alarm bells elsewhere but serbia has now decided against declaring montenegro ambassador persona non grata amid much talk of goodwill between neighbors. So what is behind this spat and is serbia's man in pod. Grits still packing his bags. Well let's get the latest from our man in the balkans delaunay guy. Montenegro kicked this off by throwing out. Serbia's ambassador so let's start there. What had serbia's ambassador done to upset them. He said what they thought the provocative things about the notion of the montenigrin state. And he's like saying they sort of things and he said them once too often it would seem his most recent touch rent so this is a guy called vladimir bolshevik. Choose serbia's man. In montenegro he described this is the raw the flowery way that they not oppressive poverty. That the decision by montenegro authorities in one thousand nine hundred thousand nine to unify with serbia was a liberation and a free expression of people's will to unite with fraternal serbia Now the one thousand nine hundred union of montenegro with the what was then the kingdom of serbs croats and slovenes clue. There's no space for montenegro. In the name of that particular state Has not ever gone down. Well in history with a certain section of people montenegro Least of all those who say that we are an independent state became independent and twenty six and are larger neighbours. Should stop meddling in our as i mean. This is not terrifically. Diplomatic behavior from an ambassador. Was he going anywhere with this. Or was this the consequence of having perhaps over enjoyed one or two receptions. I couldn't possibly say on this. There's a lot of very undiplomatic behavior in this neighborhood. The those one diplomat in in he used to boast about spearheading a digital diplomacy initiative and this digital diplomacy initiative seem to entirely consist of insulting serbia on twitter. So that's that's the level of things. Here and keen. Listeners may have noted that in the past year relations between serbia and montenegro have been a little bit more tense than the normal in large part because of the montenegrin presidents decision to to launch an attack on the serbian orthodox church montenegro. He lived to regret this decision when his party. Then lost the parliamentary election in august. But this this rows being going on all year and the being little pokes and nichols and needles Going backwards and forwards between the two sides. Serbia as i read it has now currently given the montenigrin representative in belgrade. A reprieve at which point. I think we do need to give it up for the montenegrin ambassadors name. How can you refuse. A man called tarzan milosevic willing to in any religion be wrong. Any relation to any relation to either taza and milosevic is what i'm asking. I didn't think so. And this is not unusual. Balkan name by the way so. He's got very unusual parents. All these parents who thought that their son would go on to do unusual things which in some ways he has. I mean serving is montenegro. Ambassador to belgrade is something that wouldn't have been on their minds. Perhaps when taunton was A came into the world as some sixty years ago say but anyway He's got his reprieve. It would seem launch because of serbia's president alexandrovich There was a press conference in belgrade on sunday evening. At which prime minister. John boehner delivered. The word from the president's office said he decided the some things are more important than diplomatic protocol and he would extend the hand of fraternal friendship To montenegro which bearing on everything that's gone before was a little bit ironic. So is this actually going anywhere. This wanna are poised for a new era of rancor between serbia and montenegro or is this more one of your teacup the storms. There's actually something going on behind the scenes. Which is we're bound to have. A new government installed in montenegro. So i mentioned the election in august. We the government hasn't been installed yet. It's due to be installed tomorrow and this new government is fairly serbia friendly. It's it's a funny old coalition. The largest party of which is very friendly towards serbia and russia and they've accused the outgoing administration which is dominated by miller djukanovic. Even though he's the president and not the prime minister of stirring the pump basically they're saying the trying to increase divisions within montenegro society between ethnic serbs and montenegrins and with neighboring serbia before they got booted out of government formerly Tomorrow and i think that's quite a reasonable analysis. Delaunay thanks as always joining us. That was monaco's balkans correspondent god alone

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