Health leaders anticipate surge in COVID-19 cases following Thanksgiving


About large gatherings for Thanksgiving. Come was Nick popped him has the story. We certainly plan for the worst and hope for the best. For weeks, Health officials have been fearing that people would come together on November 26th to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. During this pandemic. We've learned that indoor home gatherings of the primary places where covert 19 is spreading. All of us on this call in air, concerned about Thanksgiving will bring Because Colbert 19 isn't slowing down in our state or across the country. But according to health experts, we won't see how well people behave this holiday weekend until a couple weeks from now what we saw last March and April is that the hospitalizations peaked 1 to 2. Weeks after the case, reports P. That's almost Nick Pappas reporting another record number of covert cases in the state being

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