Timothy Omundson (ft. Selma Blair)


You're listening to inside of you. With michael rosen bound bound bound down bell ryan the day sir. Good day to you. Notice anything different in the podcast room. You know it's a little a creepy Wasn't the word. I was looking for like got that. It's all horror posters now. Took out the hockey jerseys and i just said you know i interviewed a lot of actors and producers and things like that i love entertainment of love har- so yeah i just started. I put all these posters in in here and I really like it. You can't really see. But i even have my urban legend post route as the just the one poster of me Where it's my chubby face in the bottom corner. Right next to jared leto and terry You know i like it. It's just different. I like change. But i don't like change. Yeah i like the same thing. I like eating the same thing like doing the same things. I don't like people taking me. And i'm i'm working on that because i think that's important to get out of your comfort zone. Do you do that Not a ton now No i agree. No change is hard. Change is hard and change is gonna come just difficult while we're you know. Just been such a crazy year for everybody. I know you didn't didn't get to go home for thanksgiving and you were very upset about that was because i don't like he's changes heart and i don't. I never missed thanksgiving. And i love being with my family and it's just ice melito go up and it always feels like a like a reset for me. My parents live like on a live on a mountain snow Rich the house is actually a very modest. I will mika. I'm sorry about that man. I i know that you love your family and it makes you feel better i. I haven't seen my family since my grandfather's funeral last thanksgiving and in years but You know the these are the sort of things that everyone's going through. It's not just you. It's like everybody talked. It's like you know people who are you know. I don't want to save responsible because the people that go then you say they're responsible but now i know people are being safe and all that stuff i it. Just it's eventually this is going to go away. We say it every week so it will go away we will. At least we have these thoughts of vaccine coming and home testing this and that and before we know it will look back and thank god. Do you remember that that was so horrible. I sweated audio remembers the two thousand to show. Shit hey guys. Thanks for listening Great episode last week with james roadway rodriguez and with delay hill. Just i i love those guys. I always lublin. Ryan has a good time editing. So you should watch the episode. If you haven't seen if you just listen to it but i really appreciate you guys. Subscribing on spotify apple podcasts stitcher watching and subscribing youtube. It really truly helps the show. And that's all say about that. So just do it if you're thinking about doing and you haven't done it if you here for today's gas and you like to show. Please follow us our socials ryan at inside of you pod on twitter inside side of you. Podcast on instagram and facebook and youtube dot com slash inside of you which one of those in the little social thing than they are right there that thanks ryan there. I hear you can just kill bryce bryce me that oh thank thank you. Bryce of this see there was right there. I wanna thank

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