Matt Nagy: Bears have soul searching to do


A few too many for bears head coach Man Negative Some point time You just gotta say enough's enough and Um, you know, we now are at that point where enough is enough. And it's time for us to go out on the football field, perform and get a win to get back on track. Snaky here on WBBM earlier this morning with a message that it already hit the years of receiver Alan Robinson, Not long after last night's 41 25 bears lost in Green Bay. There's no motivation guaranteed. We know what's in front of us. So okay. I mean, that's all the motivation. I mean, bears were still in contention for a playoff spot. But the Packer lost showed they have work to do to be contenders for more than that. Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense took advantage of an injured Akeem Hicks to throw for four touchdowns, run for 182 yards and total and keep the ball for more than 21 of the 1st 30 minutes and over 37 minutes in all Event. Mr Risky, never developed a rhythm in his return to the starting QB spot. He threw three touchdowns too late, also turned the ball over three times. Five games left his,

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