Among Gus Among Us - #617


Bomb Gus going to say something Else Barbara? Oh, well, right before the podcast Eric was saying that he has this new thing and just so people know right before the guests we can't see each other because it's the loading screen, but we can still hear each other as we're getting ready to go live and Eric was doing this thing that he says this is new thing which he goes I don't know if you WANNA say or if I should repeat it and you win someone when someone starts talking to you and you don't know how to answer you just go I'm so small unrelatable. Asked me. I'm so little. I'm just so small, but then I told Barbara. Thing that goes with it and I want to know she knows what it is and so it was like I bet you I could guess what the hand thing is despite not being able to see it but knowing Eric, visually and what he does as mannerisms are going to try to get it. I'm little I'm do that's That's way better I might adopt that. Are you doing in? Get this. I'm little I don't know anything. You made me like a cartoon rat which I mean tracks but. That's not. Gavin do you would you have a hand signal for telling people that you're so small and little? Maybe like one of these The Roth thing. That's like it's like you're shrinking see what you have to do when you tell people that you're so small and you're so little you have to like you have to turn a little bit and then you go with your fingers you go I'm so small I don't even know guide. Yeah Yeah, because it has to be, it's with these fingers and then you just kind of like I'm a little I'm small all the time I want. you in that pose going like this that says little on a shirt. Our. Full screen. Out though cut that out and put it on A. Small community. Store. In time for holiday twenty twenty. Just in time 'cause I might. It's what are you saying? About a squirrel I was so bored in my house yesterday that I saw squirrel in my backyard and I just I sat by the window staring at it as it walked around the head of Pecan in its hands and it was wandering around my backyard. Look I guess he was trying to hide it somewhere. And I was playing game where I was trying to guess where I thought the was going to hide the Pecan I probably stared at that school for fifteen minutes as it decided where to. And after it was done, I was like, what did I just do? It's come to this I'm watching a squirrel. pecan for winter in my backyard and then. then. It got to like my grass like my dog toilet and I was like, oh, we can't hide it. They're going to the balcony like yell at it where to go away. Way It's not allowed to hide it there. No it's going to dig it up and fuck up the grass. You've you've explained what you are doing as I was playing a game. I was just. Wondering Yard trying to hide a nut got. Things, we've come you. You might you might have lost it, but might be might be out there. It's pretty boring these days. I can't get another haircut. I mean. If you're for that. What I'M GONNA. Do I actually went to I had to ship something out the other day I went to the post office. And I had an interesting experience I I pulled up to the post office. I, Park my car next to another car, and like I'm getting together like the Shit I need to to mail outs got like this box label in Tape and look a pen and I, pull it out of my car, and I start walking into the post office to the tape it up and it out and as I'm walking through the parking lot the car that was parked next to me rolls down their window and this lady like starts yelling she's like excuse me excuse me and like what? She goes. Can you tell me? Is there a line and inside the post office? And I just looked at her for like five seconds I couldn't process what she was asking and I looked down all of the stuff in my hands back up at her. I haven't gone in yet so I don't know. Okay. Thanks anyway. The Fuck is wrong with. Your future seeing abilities for hyping. X Ray Vision Look at the brick wall at the to see whether or not. There was a line I saw. I liked it for ninety nine percent of the population. That's just a regular human encounter but for it's like what's going? On Over There it was a solid brick wall. I was standing in front of name. She just picked up packages from there even though that's not what you I. Don't I was parked right next to her by maybe she didn't say I was walking towards most office. You should have just been like, hey, me check. Hey Excuse me woman. Is there line inside? was inside and like I said, I'm pushing her line there was there was actually no. Two seconds after we sheep block. Extra. Dose another old woman who was who walked in after her and I mean there I'm taping up my box and I hear this I'm not too close to the counter. But this other woman who walks in has a really loud voice and I can hear her asking the the postal employee. She's like I want to buy some stamps in the post employee says Oh were were out of steps in my head I'm like box. That's a weird thing to say. And the the woman goes what do you mean you're out of stamps and them play go? Sorry we're just really short staff. We don't have you know the the the manpower right now to process getting our new stamps in. So we don't. We don't have any for sale right now and the old woman I can hear she's like getting really mad she screams at him like you're in the stamp business how can you not have stamps in my mind? I'm like well, technically they're in the package business but whatever I'm. Still. Packing box up and the woman starts storming angrily out of the post office and as she as she's walking by Michele. Tries to get a rise out of me. She's like she likes stops and turns it looks at me and goes can you believe it? They said, they don't have any stamps I don't even look up at her I'm just keeping my box. Yup. What are you GONNA do? Putting my label on and she just walks out it was like you shouldn't chaser out. A line in the store. You're missing opportunities man, you are your. I'll be frank with you gus I think you're dropping the ball. Interactions you.

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