Regal Cinemas owner confirms it will close all of its movie theaters again


Another. Ah, casualty of the virus. Is regal Entertainment Group Regal's Movie Theater. It's the second largest movie chain in the U. S. More than 500 locations. And they're they're shutting down nationwide. They'd re opened in August. But they say they can't get any business because they pulled all the quote unquote blockbusters, which probably aren't really that blockbusters. On and in states such as California and New York. Theater owners, large and small, have expressed bewilderment as authorities have allowed some indoor establishment such as restaurants, bowling alleys and churches the open with capacity restrictions while requiring theaters to keep their doors closed, and the guy who runs Regal. So get a Muecke grinding er kind of a weird name has been on Fox today. Here's what he said. In the in the cinema. Everyone is seated and looks in the same direction in the restaurant. You take off your mask and you sit One in front of the other. It simply doesn't make sense. Well, yes, it doesn't make sense. But What about the shutdowns does make sets Booky, including the governor of New York, who's keeping you shut down. Using 14 year old pictures of aesthetic Jewish funerals in upstate New York and claiming it happened just recently. A couple of weeks ago. That's too bad. The Regal was one of those theaters. It was my preferred theater. But they really kept up their properties. They claimed They kept it nice looking, and they were like one of the first movie theaters to put in the lounge seating instead of stadium seats that usually sat in right. It was very nice could recline your seats. I'm sorry to see anybody going out of business. You know, 500 theaters. I mean, that's that's a lot of people and I I don't know that they'll ever reopened. I don't think they know if they'll ever reopened either.

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