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David sedaris joins us now from new york to talk about his new collection. The best of me david so happy to have you back on the podcast. Oh thanks pamela. So why this book now we should say. This is a collection of of your best work. Why did you decide to do this. Are we generally. I was gonna just do an audio book. And i discussed it with maya thomas who has always been my audio book producer. Just because i get a lot of audiobooks and listened to a lot of books. If i have two choices one audio book is like four hours long and the other one is like thirty five hours long. I usually go with the thirty five hour. And i think most my books are pretty short so i thought oh water night just do whatever. I considered a best work. We'll put it together and so it'll be a longer audio book and then my publisher said. Oh why don't we make it a book ball. And i should just like that. You can caved. is your preference for thirty five hour. Long audiobooks tied to your fit bit habit. Yes it is. You know. I just looked at the count of monte cristo. Because my sister amy head read it. That's fifty four our audio walk. We're could you walk with that. I can cover a lot of ground with account of monte cristo. The last time you were on the podcast it was to talk about your collection theft by finding in which you had many encounters over the years with people on the street and what i enjoy so much in this collection the best of me are they encounters in the airplane. I'm curious now if you're if you're having like a second wave of encounters on the street because you're spending so much time walking around driven by your fit bit around new york. Oh i mean. I'm spending a lot more time on the street but i think because maybe it's because people are wearing masks. We see more disconnected from one. Another i think you know when i did travel during this time it felt so good to be back in an airport so good to be back on an airplane. I felt so at home. And i felt like i back where i you know where i needed to be and backward. I belonged and all of it. You know even the long layover and the crummy hotel. All of it i welcomed it went down for breakfast. I had to go to indiana. And i went downstairs for breakfast and i brought my computer. 'cause i was going to work while at breakfast. Thought you idiot. You can't go breakfast Tell with just your computer because there's going to be two. Tv's playing and there's gonna be music. You need your headphones to blot. All that out hired. I forgotten crazy. How much. I forgot just know the nine months that i wasn't allowed to travel. There are so many great airplane stories in this collection. So it's interesting to hear you say that you miss air travel because of your airplane stories sort of exhibit the worst of humanity and thinking. Probably the most obvious one is standing by which is just a classic. You really do still like air travel because to me it feels like you write about it. It brings out the worst in humanity. Remember when i was yelling. And i would watch like johnny carson and so of the comedians would talk about air travel and i thought gee dot they have anything else talk about. But and then as i grew older i realized. Oh that's what they spend all their time right. So that's where. I spent all my time and so that was why i had so many stories about it but i do think it brings out the course in people and also i think there's a real divide between people who travel a lot and people who don't when i went to north carolina couple months ago. I had a long layover in charlotte. And i said to hugh my boyfriend. Who's with me. Why are all these people traveling now. These people who haven't traveled in years and he said how do you know. They haven't traveled in years. I said there suitcases now like they weren't the suitcases with four wheels on them. There were the suitcases with two wheels. You know that people kind of lazily drag behind them see can trip over them right sign now of amateurs and he but because he doesn't travel that often he didn't know what i was talking about. Are there other ways in which airplane travel has changed that that will make its way into your work since corentin so many people are afraid to travel right now. I feel like bending over backwards to clean things. I mean i. It was interesting in north carolina. The governor put a mask mandate in place. Any just put it in place. And i would say maybe sixty percent of the people in the airport wore masks and the other forty war just really defiant expressions and then i traveled like a month later and then it was ninety. Nine percent of people had masks on. It

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