A highlight from The Impossible Is Finally Happening

GG Over EZ


Hope you mr fruit and welcome back to the greatest podcast known to man known the law and i have to specify that because let's be real easy malian sixty three would be the episode episode. Sixty three of the z podcast. Thank you Jamie today's episode. We cover quite a few things We obviously missed a week because thanksgiving schedules. We talked about that briefly. Thanks for sticking with us. We've got well. I mean let's be honest we've been waiting for cyberpunk is real and it's a game that we can confirm is actually coming out. It's coming out this week. So we're excited about that. Not only that but movies a lot more are going to be accessible from home rather than just leaders coming next year. We talk about some of that. That's pretty exciting. We talk more about entertainment. We still gush over mandalorian. No spoilers though no spores running this kind of stuff. So don't feel bam spoiler free here talk about some missed fruit minecraft stuff a lot of patron questions. Oh yeah we also dive into some interesting statistics about the most recent merchandising and yeah a whole bunch of patron questions. So that's this episode. We hope you guys enjoy

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