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My name is mike hurley. And i'm joined by the one and only jason snell snow. It's me me the one and only me my curly. It's good to join the one. And only mike early till you know what i have realized. I've realized this Because i had Upgrade plus right. So i go in and i removed the ads from the episode. So when i do that. I get to hear a lot when i start a new topic with you right uh-huh and i have noticed that i typically will say jason snell. An edge used to topic. I don't know why i call you. Jason snell. I don't know i don't know either. It's just a thing that you wanted to those to name people to me. You know like. That's the second thing i don't know why i it. I don't ever think of you jason. Snell i'm one of those two people think when we have kind of regular conversation akkuyu jason snell. No i don't jason just did it now. So who knows. I don't know why why you do that. Mike early or strange. Who could tell who could tell. We have a hash. Snell toll cash. Jason snell talk question. Thank you from sir stack to name. People thought which new color do you want. A which color should return to a model of iphone ipad or mac book. So if you could choose jason which color would you pick to on a future. Product i. Would i just bought a space gray macbook air am. I've said this before. I'll say it again. I wanna blue computer. Computer million orange computer would be good to. I would like colors to return to the computers like the macbook air would be just blew antedates. Aluminum do it. It's it's done in an ipad as well and they already make a blue iphone. So i'm i'm pretty pretty good there. Yeah yeah yeah. But i just and other of colors are available right you if you like. Green sure applicant make a green. I'm not gonna use a green computer but you could and that'd be fine. I just think again. I just want color. But if i had to choose blue and orange you're going to be the ones i choose because i like those colors. The best everybody gets their own colors. I like those. I'm going to cheat a little bit. I i want to bring back the nanna chromatic color line which was a i. Think apple's favorite selection of colas which was four one of the ipod nanos the campaign around. It was nanno chromatic. That was the wedding that they used and they had they had a blackened silva but they had purple blue green yellow orange pink and red and they were fantastic colours. They kind of covered all of the classic ipod mini ones and added a few more in pumped up the vibrancy and all of them I really loved those colors. This'll so they made a great ad for that. Actually which i will put in the show notes in case you wanna see it but that that's the that's the colors i would love to see personally. Really go for it. That's a lot of colors. It's a lot of colors but one person i know i don't disagree. I love it if you'd like to send in a question to help us answer to help open a show. Just send in a tweet with the hashtag. Snell talk or relax. Fem members discord question mark. Snow talk we'll get you in to document for future selection as some follow up for you. Jason snell god. I'm sorry my head about now. I don't know why i said i knew i did it. If i were just kept it to myself. I wouldn't be thinking about it so much but here we are. Applications are open for the app store. Small business program which was something we spoke about las week and apple basically opened the program up now so people can get their applications and in time so they'll be All of their revenue accounted the fifteen percent from january first. They published an faq on the website. What i like is most of the frequently asked questions that i have seen on not not not at all dealt with in the frequently asked questions section which is funny to me One of the main ones being right something we spoke about a bunch which is like what would you do. What are you going to do if you get close to that million dollar line. Will you pour your app kind of stuff. I people hoping apple would provide a little bit more clarity to to try and tidy that up. But they haven't and i don't think they will. I think this is a thing that's just needs to be put back on the developer. You plan your business that way. And i think that's kind of the way that apple's treating it. Yeah i think so right like you know you know it's the thing right so you kind of just have to deal with it. I don't know if you if you are one of those developers and the probably not a lot who are right at the one million line. You're yeah you're gonna have to figure out a strategy there. Do you sell one of your apps. do you buy some apps and just go for it. I don't know what happens there. But it's an interesting problem to have. And i feel for those for those companies that are in that little cutoff area but i would also say making close to a million dollars. A year is a great problem to have it. Depends on the business right. That's a couple of people. It's great if it's you know ten people it's not great. Yep but if it's ten people you making a million dollars a year. You have a lot more problems than apple. Sixteen percent through true story. We have one more room kinda clarification really meanchey chico. So quo Issued another kind of note in the last few days kind of revising some of the predictions that we spoke about las time so the tune new macbook pro models that made she quo has been talking about launching In twenty twenty one well now both feature many led displays quotas saying so the which is which is interesting we don't have any Refinements on timelines but it seems like it could. Potentially these products might come sooner rather than later as has increased His forecast for how many of these products will get sold in. Twenty twenty one. So there's a couple of reasons do that one if they were popular which could be or two. If you're saying him sooner in the erode and later in the year but these products getting many led is is called saint possible but this is now kind of drawing a line there but that was one of a note which was of great interest saying that there would be a more affordable mac book air with many led display on sale as well more. It's already apple's most affordable laptop right at

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