How to make the most out of your iPhone camera

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If you have an iphone you really need to have yourself in a mobile photography rig. And what i mean by that is and this is. This is a pick that encompasses a few pieces but This is something you can buy for yourself or by for a loved one or your kids or whatever but what you should have. Ideally is a way to melt your phone a tripod. An additional light source and ideally. This should be able to fit into a purse or even a jeans pocket because it's mobile photography you don't want to carry a big bag full of stuff and i've kind of perfected mine over the years and And i would recommend that you do the same in the things you get with. That is a tripod gives you the ability to do time lapse autography and long exposure photography and a bunch of stuff cool stuff we talked about last week. is all available to you because of a tripod and he doesn't eat off. Go crazy to buy the six hundred dollar. Peak design tripod. You can get by with you know very meagre stuff but you just need a source and The one i've recommended in the past as the jobe micro tripod Which is about the size of a stick of gum when you fold it up. It's so small that it fits my jeans pocket. It fits in the coin pocket. My jeans pocket Looking for a link for the show today and it looks like this discontinued that made me very sad man but there are still some out there. Like being h had some in stock. But you know if you can find one get one. Because i don't know that there. I looked for like twenty minutes. I could not find anything like it. But i'm sure that somebody's gonna make very micro tripod once this one goes off the market. But even if you don't get one that small if you just search google for mini tripod there's a bunch of them available. They'll fit in your pocket as well so you want small tripod and what that gets us the ability to lock your camera down when you combine it with a tripod mount for your phone and i think there's really only one i would recommend for that. That's the cliff device. And that's the same one that austin talked about last week and we've mentioned this one on the past as well. I mean both of us are friends with the guys over there but they honestly made the best tripod mount for a phone. And i think is the version three one the when they're selling now. Has that locking cam mechanism. So whether your phone is in a case or not in a or whether it's an iphone or an iphone jumbotron with big taste on it. It doesn't matter this thing will hold it and it's got a bunch of locking points. It's just the one and that fixed in your pocket as well and then the last piece of it which. I don't think i've really mentioned on. The show is is the loom cube which is tiny. led light source The the generation one was like about an inch and a half deep in the new one is like half of that so it's even easier to stick it in your pocket. You charging it's got a battery built in it's waterproof it's got a magnet on it so you can attach it anything but if you are out taking pictures with your phone and you just have one additional light source you can offset the light source for your subject you can do all sorts of cool things with it and if you get those three things at tripod tripod mount and the light source your your mobile photography game is gonna go way up and with a newer iphones. They have these amazing cameras in them. You just make it work. I have taken so many pictures with my iphone and just in that tiny little tripod on top of a trash can or something that just look amazing and people think i you know. How did you do that. And it's just a few things that fit in my pocket

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