National Pretend To Be a Time Traveler Day with Jack Conway

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Hey paul this is jack. I'd love to know more about pretend to be a time traveler day. I did some research. And it doesn't seem that all scientists think time travel's impossible but i don't think we've quite figured out yet so until then we'll just need to pretend which actually sounds like a lot of fun anyway. I'd love to know more about this day. Thanks there's been a lot of national days of my friends have challenged me with throughout this year. And although i won't commit to this. But jack's choice may top them all today. December eighth is national. Pretend to be a time traveler. Day any guesses what you're supposed to do today. Apparently we are supposed to wear some very close from yesteryear or act confused by certain technology. Okay maybe for some of you. That's not too difficult. Say with me. Rss stands for release simple syndication for my first recommendation. I've gone back in time to the year. Twenty twelve and found this live. Talk from comecon by the stuff you should know. People they discuss time travel. Works and reference people like carl sagan. They also get a visit from a time traveler and talk about the musical paradox from back to the future after listening to gout and strap on your steam punk or victorian close and share using the pretend to be a time traveler day hashtag. Today's guests is jack conway. Jack is the editor of podcast review. Which delivers podcast. Critique and recommendations each week sure some people may see us as competitors and he's never reviewed my ward winning podcast. But i won't hold that against him. Because i'm a fan podcast myself. I love getting and reading the podcast review newsletter for a third recommendation. Today jack travels back to last year for decoder ring. Episode jack says and i quote my episode. Recommendation is gotta get down on friday from dakota ring. It's about the two thousand eleven viral hit friday by rebecca black one of those songs that so bad. It's good in the episode. Willa paskhin the host of dakota ring which is one of the few podcasts. I never miss an episode

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