Los Angeles Dodgers' Justin Turner pulled mid-game during World Series win after positive Covid-19 test


Win three one, win the series and six, but being completely overshadowed one of the grandest franchises in sports winning the World Series Championship after three decade plus drought is being overshadowed by one player having to leave the game doing a positive corona virus tests and that is just turner but that is also so twenty twenty Jeff Passan is with us this morning Jeff have little more details on what went on that allowed Turner to be on the field for the post game celebration. Hasn't been nothing really allowed him to be on the field. He just chose to be field and nobody was going to drag off after he won the world series. He essentially said I'm going out there and nothing's GonNa stop me I want to pose with the trophy I wanna be with my teammates I want to choose celebrate like somebody WHO's won the world series for the first time and nothing was gonNA stop him and the fallout from that we're GONNA see over the next couple of days hopefully there. Are No other positive corona virus tests on the Los Angeles dodgers. But you know that all remains to be seen as does how they're going to get back to Los Angeles. When they're going to go back, there are a lot of questions still jeff. I don't put this on Justin Turner nor do I put this on the dodgers but how big of an indictment is this on the MLB? They're the ones that pulled him from the game in a there's the one that told him he needs to quarantine. When we see these Leagues Have Championship Games. There are people in the League office who were their security from league offices are there where where is the MLB and all this? Well I think the security tried to stop him from going on there but he you know this is a guy who's covert positive. So is security going to put their hands on him or are they GONNA to? Contract the virus themselves probably not, but they they didn't stop it from going out there and they did remove them and I. Think Rob Manfred got some questions answer about how that happened about what protocols were in place and why they weren't followed. Let me ask you this Jeff Obviously La in second biggest market for Major, League baseball outside of New York in the Yankees Major League Baseball don't want the headline story to be about covert the day after the second biggest market had just won the championship. Course not but I think regardless of weather. Justin Turner went onto the field or not it was going to be pretty interesting part of the story I. Think the fact that he did go back out there makes it a much bigger story now because there are questions, why did he go back out there? How did he go back out there? Who allowed him back out there? How did they not stop it? Jeff what are what are you hearing around the league this early morning about his teammates embracing the fact that he was able to join them for big celebration. GonNa go on up checks message here that I got from general manager. It's A super spreader event on live. TV. Welcome to twenty twenty. And I'M GONNA PULL UP A. Dm I got from an active player isn't here. Now it's nice, but essentially it's What the F. is going on. And that's kind of a thought around baseball and yet. You guys were players let let's put you in that same situation you gotten cut. Seven years ago, and this organization gave you a chance you blossom into an all-star to guy who gets MVP vote someone who's made fifty million dollars somebody who's a leader in the clubhouse and is seen as one of the voices and wants to celebrate this thing that he has worked so hard to celebrate. Would you have gone back out there As a teammate I'm okay with it I don't know if it was me dead had tested positive. I. Don't know because it would had to have happened in the moment and I would have probably responded reacted to my teammates, my coaches in people around me if they was embracing situation most likely I would have joined. But if Jay Wheel for instance is tested positive and he's my teammate I'm. Come on man we me. Yeah this is so subjective Jeff because I'm different I would have wanted to celebrate with my teammates. I just would've wore masks I would have done it differently but. turnage Justin Justin Turner did wear a mask out originally, but there were a couple of instances where cameras got him. He was talking to his wife taking pictures with her gave her a kiss mask was off and he was sitting down on the field for the team picture. To his left was the championship trophy to his right was Dave Roberts the dodgers manager who ten years ago was diagnosed with Hodgkin. Lymphoma. So He's a cancer survivor. He's the person who has a pre existing condition and Justin Turner daybreak spoke for mascots at that point now Dave Roberts told Fox later on I think it was something to the effect that I didn't touch him. but you know he was he was in the same vicinity wasn't for fifteen minutes wasn't close contact defined by CDC but the optics on it as Andrew Freedom and the president of baseball operations says not good.

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