‘No, I'm not part of the problem’: Corbyn responds to anti-Semitism report


Reports quote. Labor has suspended its former leader, Jeremy Corbyn, after he said anti Semitism in the party was overstated. Following a damning report from the equality watchdog. The move is likely to ignite a civil war in the Labour Party. Korben condemned his suspension as a political intervention and said he would strongly contest the action. Mr. Corbin gave an interview then to the Guardian newspaper. What I said today Wass that anti Semitism is unacceptable in any form. What I said exactly what I said was the numbers of cases in the public perception had become overstated The existence of the problem I fully acknowledge, which is Why I took action to end the problem in the party by introducing a process to get anti seen lights out off the party. No, I'm not part of the problem. The problem is anti Semitism, historically anti Semitism in the presence on the fear that many people have off being under attack at the synagogue, or, indeed mosques, temples and lots of other places within our society. We need to tackle racism in every conceivable form. In our society and that's former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. The Guardian Story goes on to say that quote the Equality and Human Rights Commission report found labor responsible for unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination over anti Semitism. It's site serious failings in the Labour Party leadership in addressing anti Semitism and an inadequate process for handling anti Semitism. Complaints. Well, thank you for joining us on

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