The Bachelor Presidential Index? CIA Analyst Says Were On The Brink 10.29.20


That coke brothers, Fox News, all those. Day October. Twenty. Twenty. My Name's Jack. O'Brien AK ochre Rona Corona. From. Hell to screw up our day to the sounds of Fox new WHO's play by wake grandma's named Anna That is courtesy. C.. O.. J.. J. Music Chicago. And I'm thrilled to be joined. By my co host Mr Miles. When you drink mountain dew and your podcasts to that miles gray when mas does your car and you drive it quite far that some miles good. I don't. That's all they wrote. But thank you Jim Halberg Not Jim Halpern Ge ym towel bird on the discord for that. Fantastic. That's more a beautiful. I mean you see with that tight with that screening that they're gonNA have great. Weird Alpert. Am Halberg. Like lifting. Oh you. Listen gotTA listen miles. You're wearing your done blue is that on purpose blew up from the shoes up yet you know what I mean. I, I realized what my TV is based on the timing of the gunshots and the third out in the ninth inning. And I was like the second, the first pitch thrown. Gunshots when I was like damn on solid enough i. Just, turned it off I was like. Great. I was expecting my windows. It was fun. Yeah. I was expecting some last minute antics because you know that's that's the world we're in. I was like you know honestly things could turn around very quickly. was just a couple. Of them losing I mean just last minute antics when we found out. The best player on the dodgers had tested positive for covid in the eighth inning. When Rios came on, it was like what's going on? Anyway. Yes, it's good. It's good times in this part of the city. Yeah I didn't I was shocked. How many fireworks people ahead a leftover from the from the Lakers win yeah. La Break, we grow on trees out here. All alright miles it's election time we're trimming it down. We're getting right into it. We're telling people what we're talking about today we are talking about where the trump creep reelection campaign spending their money. We're GONNA talk about this fivethirtyeight toy that they just put out. That is a dangerous time swallow where what is an Interactive Electoral College Interactive Electoral College map where you can like give one of the swing states to one of the candidates and then just like and then they're like now trump's chances are seventy percent. Does it redistribute or distributes the Chances if that one goes to that party, the most fucked up one is the to seventy two win dot com one where you just like click on it to be like and this is red and this one we blew, and then he started looking at the mapping like okay. So if those are settled, it's like it gives you it gives your imagination I think even more room to run and it's it's dangerous. I figured out that trump could win Pennsylvania Ohio Georgia Texas Florida and still lose to Biden, if Biden wins North Carolina so that's what. I. Did with my morning we're going to talk about a couple of historians who think we're headed for civil war no matter who wins we're GONNA. Listen to some GOP fuckers flounder. We're GONNA do all of that plenty more. We've been talking about the trump biden fridge quiz. Of that plenty more but first miles, we are thrilled to be joined in third seat by the hilarious and talented Chelsea devante. Welcome. You guys it was incredible to watch. You do your intro live i. felt like I was at a little concert. There's much. Lighter I. started dancing. which yeah yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much for buying the march by the way. Also for people listening, there is a sale on T. public right now I, think until Saturday. So go get go go hook up help to keep the lights on. Get some. TV, March two. Miles is racking his pro social social distancing club shirt. Yeah. It's this is going to be this is going to age very poorly choice. Yeah. But like when I explained to my kids like in the ashes of the nuclear winter with like, why do we wear these garments site gang on them? Might they're the only free closed? That's right. Chelsea would. It would have you been up to help. You've been spending your pandemic for the past month or so. That's fine. We're just checking on the last month of the pandemic. It's good. It's good. I've gone through some intense. Phases. And this last phase is I would say this last phase is experimenting with Xanax as a sleeping pill face. Team for me the wording it's you know too well, that should addictive and you shouldn't do this. But I, you know I started pandemic was equal. and. Moved into a CD phase and then and then I said it's not enough. Turn it up. Yes I can remember my dreams Fook. Give me. Give me give me some xanax close my eyes and opened them in its daytime. Fused. Feeling in the back of my mouth and I'm. So weird thing to my throat. Every every cough every sneeze covid. Yeah. And what how much time do you need to feel like you had a good night's sleep like what's your when you feel like you one? Hour when I. I I mean I I love sleep I. I would say nine hours is great and that's something that hasn't happened in maybe seven years. That's not I think right now I'm at I'm matt like if I only wake up for two hours in the middle of the night that's a good. Man I'm Ballin but. I'm on twitter at three am come. Find me you know I. tweet. During witching hour you you scroll doom scrolling doom scroll good doom scroll up

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