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Trump, Inc.


Objective where possible what was different about trump not knowing what they would find Goldsmith and his collaborator Matthew Gluck created one column for pardons that advanced a political agenda. One for cases with personal connections trump one for TV appearances like Patti Goya Vich on. Fox, and the fourth and last one for cases brought to the attention of president by celebrities and so what what was your overall finding then? Basically, trump position thirty, nine pardons or commutations of sentences and an astonishing thirty, four of those. Satisfied one of those criteria and the general in other words thirty, four, thirty, nine pardons were self serving in some way. Since my interview with Jack Goldsmith trump gave clemency to five additional people mostly for drug offenses. Typically, in the past presidents have pardoned criminals who show real remorse or punished too harshly it's rare to pardon an ally and that's really remarkable finding here as I say some presidents in the past, especially at the very end of their terms have issued cell serving pardons. But those are exceptional. Trump has a practice of it and he did it before the end of his term. So. There was Paul Pogue, a Texas construction executive who was pardoned for tax crimes after his family gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to trump aligned political groups, media baron. Conrad Black was convicted of obstruction and fraud and extradited to Canada. After he wrote an adoring book about trump, he got a pardon Kim Kardashian took up the cause of Alice. Marie Johnson who was convicted of non-violent drug crimes after trump freed her Johnson. Spoke at his convention. But by the grace of God and the compassion, a President Donald John Trump I standard for you. Tonight,

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