'Happiest Season' Makes the Yuletide Gay


Actually got kind of Ah, new wrinkle in terms of Christmas films with happiest season, which is basically Hannibal Hallmark Christmas movie style. Look at a relationship between two lesbians in Love. Who go, Tonto. The family of one of the women. And obviously, mom and dad don't know about their daughter's Proclivities. And, you know, I guess hilarity ensues, but it zoom in here or is it a good nature? Romcom ish kind of thing, Or is it home isn't a hallmark E Christmassy. What is it? Yeah, I would say, you know if you ever said to yourself, where are the corny Hallmark Channel style movies about same sex couples at Christmas? This? Well, here's your answer. Happiest season is actually made the Elsa cut above most of those films because you have good actors involved here. Kristen Stewart that's right from the Twilight franchise and a few better films plays one of the young women and Mackenzie Davis, who some people will recognize as the android heroin from the recent Terminator movie. They're the two women and they're going to spend Christmas With the parents played by Victor Garber and Mary Steenburgen. They didn't stand in terms of the cast. You get Daniel Levy of that very popular Emmy winning a sitcom that has Creek in its name and Aubrey Plaza on the gas tire. It's a good cast and obviously You know you're gonna have some meat, cute stuff going on and some deception and what have you, but But truly, it follows the standard formula for these movies, except it's a couple of women in love. And of course, they've got to, you know, kind of keep the secret until everything is revealed and get a basically it generates some laughs and real emotional tension and, wow, moments it. You know, you could see it on Who, Lou, if you have

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