Iran's top nuclear scientist killed


Vowing revenge for the assassination of a top Iranian scientist. President Hassan Rouhani is accusing Israel of being behind the attack. NPR's Peter Kenyon reports doctor Mostyn fuckers. Adi, who's been described as a leader in Iranian research into nuclear weapons, was gunned down in a car outside Tehran. President. Rouhani blamed Israel, saying the assassination quote shows our enemies, despair and the depth of their hatred. Iranian military officials are vowing to avenge Fuck. Rosati is death, a senior U. S official told NPR that one concern is possible attacks on U. S forces in Iraq. Some analysts are suggesting the attack was an effort to escalate tensions before President elect Joe Biden takes office. Former State Department official, Mark Fitzpatrick wrote on Twitter that quote the reason for assassinating Fuck. Rosati wasn't to impede Iran's war potential. It was to impede diplomacy. Peter

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