Washington DC council member lays out his expectations for new police chief


For police reform is is spelling spelling out out what what he he wants wants in in a a police police chief chief to to replace replace Peter Peter Newsom, Newsom, who who was was announced announced plans plans to to become become police police chief chief in in Prince Prince William William County County Ward. Ward. Six Six council council member member Charles Charles Allen, Allen, the the chair chair of of the the judiciary judiciary in in Public Public safety safety committee. committee. Says Says the the nation nation is is changing changing and and law law enforcement enforcement in in the the district district must must change change as as well. well. Along Along with with what what the the city city expects expects from from a a police police chief chief Mayor Muriel Bowser has not yet announced to search for a new chief. But Alan says what's needed is to tackle systemic racism that exists in D C and within policing culture, and Alan says a public health approach is what's needed to eliminate violence, particularly on O

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