The Roman Empire (with Hannah McIntyre)


This is wonderful because we've actually had some requests Yes for this this topic and neither of us have been able to bring ourselves. Haven't been have mustered up enough courage. I can I can do the pronunciations justice. Oh, see now that's bullshit. Tell. You land. Will probably bad. So don't worry. Yeah that didn't Stop Hannah. As I have never done a Roman episode either I don't know why I'm up here on my high horse but anyway. Thank you for this I'm so excited. Please Hannah we get away. All right well, the Roman empire was the Post Republican period of ancient Rome the generally accepted dates of the Roman Empire from twenty seven BC to four, seventy, six, eighty although I'll talk about some of the differing opinions about the exact dates. Later, I WANNA start off by laying some of the groundwork of how room operated before we get into the Roman Empire itself. This city and Kingdom of Rome was mythological founded around seven hundred and fifty BC with seven fifty three BC being the most commonly accepted date. It was founded by Romulus the city's namesake and his brother Ramos who are nursed by she will after being abandoned on the banks of the river. Tiber. ROMULUS ended up killing his brother during a dispute over which the seven hills to build the new city on and became the first. King of Rome who? Start. Yeah, just you know as you do murder brother side, you want to build your city on late normal things normal Italian things I would say. Yeah. That's. That's true. So. The Roman Kingdom was the earliest period in Roman history when seven kings ruled before it became a republic. So in five Oh nine BC, the monarchy was overthrown and the Roman Republic was established the majority of the former king's functions were passed onto two men named consuls who are elected to term of one year and could be prosecuted after council ships ended if abuse those powers Ooh I like that. Yeah. That's a little. GonNa Balance. Right there. Yeah exactly and under the Republic Room also began the practice of assigning dictators basically, if things got. So Harry that they're like now we can't risk multiple dudes working to solve this problem. Just let one guy decide everything. So elegant stunned, they could choose a person to be a dictator for six months for six months. That's Max dictator I think you know yeah, I like. It was their choice and also if whatever the dictator was chosen to carry out, usually it was war like somebody or something I if that finished earlier than the six months period, the dictator was actually expected to them be like, okay, that's it. I'm done and dislike resigned their dictatorship. Okay, that's also something that the Italians are really good about is giving power. and. They were actually fairly common until the end of the second punic war, which is the one with Hannibal and the elephants and actually did work pretty well late the Roman republic was basically constantly at war during this time since it went from essentially being a city sitting on a bunch of hills to being invaded by gulls then they took over the entire Italian peninsula and they defeated Carthage over the course of the three punic worse than they conquered all of modern bakeries and finally they had three different slave revolts with the last one being the one with Spartacus said everyone who's about and. So obviously that much war and that much rapid expansion meant there is like unrest in the air and it opened the door to a lot of military leaders to make their mark in the world, which is where we're gonNA start our main story about the empire. Julius. Caesar was never an emperor of Rome and died under the Roman Republic and not the Roman Empire that you cannot start talking about the Roman Empire without first talking about my boy JC.

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