The Legislature in Pennsylvania never authorized. And so, as you know,


City, state and state of cities because we've seen some unusual communications already between Secretary of State Pennsylvania, giving instructions to counties to do things that the Legislature in Pennsylvania never authorized. And so, as you know, the Constitution institutions clear the authority of setting the vote Voting rolls with the Legislature, not with elected officials. This's so go ahead, Go ahead draw so well, You know, we're gonna be doing things like that. And we're looking for two things. And you know it was a fraud. Or were their unequal. Uh, systems that treated voters in Philadelphia different Then they try to treat him in Bucks County and because the key to any court ruling is going to be everybody, every voter should have an equal chance to be treated the same. And if that isn't the case. That's usually when the courts come in and intervene. So we're on it. We're working. We're putting a lot of work onto it. And as we get results as we discover things, we're gonna have it on Justin news dot com. Real Americans voice in real time You've got a bookmark those sites. You gotta follow this man J. Solomon reports and listen to what he said. This is perhaps The biggest bombshell fact that is not being reported. If you want to change how America votes. We may be a republic of states, but the Constitution is explicit. The only body that can change the way on election is run is the state Legislature. It's not the secretary of the state. It's not the attorney general, and it's definitely not the governor. In almost every Democrat state. That is not how they change the voting this year and

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