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This is gary v audio experience. Welcome everyone. I'm really excited to have the one in here with me today. Talking about something that. I don't think he talks about as often as he does about marketing. Which is is coming to america. Story is families coming to america story in what that's meant for him and his career and The way he looks at her and as well some really excited to welcome you gary And to hear his story today thanks for having me. I'm really really honored and loved working with you a notch and are different ventures and super exciting for this one because to your point at this point i- i- contextualized that quite a bit. I think a lot of people you know. I wasn't born in america. And all that stuff. But not in depth. As often as i. As i probably wish i would should or could and so. I'm glad to be your thanks for having me. Well let's start at the beginning. What's your coming to america story. So i was born in belarus. Simple broosk belarus saw on very snowy day and nineteen seventy five november fourteenth nineteen seventy five and And my dad had a my parents were very young by the way this will make sense a lot of immigrants. I was literally born one day after nine months and one day after my parents got married so it was very it was very old country. Like if you didn't have a baby leverage spirit right and so i you know. My parents were very young. There were twenty two and twenty when they had me and my family. My dad had a great uncle in america. My dad's grandmother's brother and he visited three or four years earlier and kind of planted in my dad's seat head because he saw my dad had a little entrepreneurial by like to be in america which you know you know. Soviet russia was impossible to even dream but there was a organization by the name of highest a jewish organization to had ties to israel america. That was created to help persecuted. Jews around the world get out of tough situations and russia. Unbeknownst to many people at that point but later as we look in history was the soviet union was in a very big pickle and their economy was collapsing from underneath them and being jewish in the soviet union's not the greatest thing You know jews are persecuted heavy in that part of europe at that point and still to underlining in some degree in so let's put it this way. The soviet union was in the mood at that point to trade some jews for some resources and i got very very very fortunate. You know. I hate to use the word luck because i know how hard my parents work hard i worked but many things in life are actually luck Or just very fortunate timing and then what do you do with them. And so it's not lost on me. How fortunate. I was to be in my age at that time where we were able to get out. So the highest path which i've met a lot of russians us through the years was a very cliche. Everyone went to austria. Austria got their game involved there. Italy italy take. I'm sure on this system. And then you kinda went to different places australia. Israel was originally the destination for many america. We had this great uncle. We were going to come to america. It was the whole family by the way it was just was me and my parents was also. Unfortunately both my parents had lost a parent at a very young age. So i didn't. I didn't have many grandparents at that point but my grandmother. My dad's mom was coming her parents my grandparents and then and then her brother and his family. So was this group of twelve thirteen. Ten of us. We were all coming to america.

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