Chicken Wings (MM #3518)

The Mason Minute


The with kevin mason for many people especially sports fans sunday's or a day for chicken wings because nothing goes better with an ice cold beer. We'll watch football and some hot wings or just regular fried chicken wings and places like hooters and buffalo wild wings are popular destinations for your chicken wings. So our wing street which i believe is associated with pizza hut but one of the big chains wingstop is making a change not to their wings necessarily wing. Prices have gone up recently so they've decided try something a little bit different. They're testing chicken thighs to replace chicken wings. I don't understand what's going on. I didn't see anything that said chicken prices were going up. But they're trying something out or are they trying for a way to beat the competition by having both wings and thighs your the more options. I prefer the little breast drum. That's if you will. I don't mind chicken wings. But i'm not a big off the bone kind of person but chicken thighs and play chicken wings. Going to be interesting to see if it works for wingstop. If they're able to keep the prices down. I'm more worried about the fact chicken prices going up another thing we got to worry about.

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