Trump campaign launches legal challenges to vote counts


Officials continue to count ballots surge of absentee and mail and ballots due to this pandemic, taking more time to to finalize finalize in in a a handful handful of of battleground battleground states states in in Georgia Georgia election election officials officials could could finalize finalize their their count count later later today, today, attorneys attorneys from from the the Trump Trump campaign, campaign, meantime, meantime, filing filing lawsuits lawsuits across across states, states, including including in Georgia, ABC, Steve Austin, Sami is in Atlanta. On. One Legal challenge Republican poll watcher from out of state had alleged that she saw one of the poll workers put a pile of ballots. Absentee ballots that came in after the deadline put them in the pile of ballots that were Legal and that poll worker essentially prompted this lawsuit. A A judge judge has has thrown thrown out out the the lawsuit, lawsuit, and and that's that's really really so so far far the the only only case case that that the the Trump Trump administration administration is is brought brought to to the the state state of of Georgia Georgia in in Nevada. Nevada. Election Election officials officials say say they they may may not not have have a a final tally until later this week or weekend That could raise some tensions across the country, where protests have taken shape in some cities, with continuing coverage. Michelle France and

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