Karen Travers, ABC NEWS And Joe Biden discussed on VB in the Middle


Karen Travers. ABC NEWS Washington As the vote count continues an undecided states President elect Joe Biden still moving ahead with his transition plans Despite President Trump's basis claims of a stolen election. A B C's faith of Buddha is in Wilmington, Delaware. Fighting team has been operating as if whatever is happening in the White House has nothing to do with them. So they've been just steering clear of that and just projecting a sense of calmness, and this gets sense of confidence and Oh, they're basically operating us if nothing else is happening. This transition is on course, and they plan to be in office on January. 20th Trump campaign continuing to file lawsuits, the latest in Michigan, alleging some ballot irregularities, but no evidence supporting widespread fraud in Georgia control of the Senate will be determined there Republicans or fundraising and campaigning already for two runoff races in January. Florida's GOP senator Marco Rubio, traveling to Atlanta today to rally support for GOP senators, David Perdue and Kelly La Flor is little Early. You know the showdown of all showdowns in terms of politics and what it means. One of Trump's earliest in top evangelical supporters says Biden is president elect Dallas pastor Robert Jeffreys. Saying that Biden won writing that in a Fox News column in Dallas NEWS column In an opinion you're listening to ABC News, What's new in store and Staples

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