Alexa Skill Numbers - Simon Landry, Voice Market Data - Voice Tech Podcast ep.079


I guess users might might find value in the sights of for example around halloween. I put out a four scary skills. And so i think there was a lot of traffic from from people who are looking for scary skills but a lot of the of the the i think more fun content is like what are the less use invocations what which skills offer. Isp's and things like that so they're pretty deep dives that are really targeted towards skill developers. So the problem that helps the voice market data helps solve is. It's a way to explore the voice. In this case lex that skill ecosystem amazon is really difficult to browse explorer. Discover and this makes it easy more specifically how how does voice market data helped solve that problem while it's it makes the data accessible so it helps people find out what works what doesn't and to essentially improve their voice design based on what other developers would have would have done so you can do what works. Avoid what doesn't work okay. Now that makes sense. I can definitely see the value in that to have a consistent source of data not just at the app in store level but the fine grain level that you were talking about definitely the big platforms rather tight. Lipped about the stats. And when they do release their figures they always seem extremely favorable. Had to put it the mildly. So you never quite sure what that. What the real figures are what the usage is that. We tend to rely at the moment on on. Third parties. Like bloggers podcasters brechin sell. It does a great job voice. Part of keeping track of the number of new skills being released on the on the amazon store. Least and the. I've i've seen recently voiced. This is considerably dropping each year. unfortunately but Yeah fanta finer grain look and to be able to take those those deep dives as you said. So what can we learn by taking a macro view or a holistic view of the marketplace. Do you have any specific examples. Taking more macro or holistic view of the alexa marketplace allows you to see patterns and trends. I'm a really easy way to to see the value even in taking that. This holistic view is invocations. So if you're building a skill and you want it to sort of stand out you need to make sure your from from my experience again. Maybe things have changed things change pretty quickly in the space but in my experience putting out a skill that has an invocation that's similar to already popular skills will meet your skill much harder To be discovered so taking that holistic view of the marketplace you to see which invocations already exist and which are already popular so that you can avoid those those invocations or you can also take that the high level of you and see that may be in vacations that are kind of part of of sentences like that are are similar to how people would speak might be popular so for example dad jokes. If you have alexi open dad joke joke then that might get you more traction than having sort of just a more dry invocation so being able to take a macro view lets you see these things that work and don't work on another. Even higher level voice market data actually takes a look at the skills markets in other countries. So you're able to see what works and doesn't work and let's say india so if you take a look at what works there. You might actually

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