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Stuff but it's so one nine thousand five or inching closer to two hundred episodes of this podcast. I can't believe in myself. Also want to say a big thank you to not only the people that you know. Ask questions for mallon's mailbag last episode. But all the listeners. This has been one of the most listened episodes in quite some time normally in a week. I'll be lucky if i get around. Forty that's forty per episode. And i think. I have close to one hundred twenty this week. So thank you one and all for listening and hopefully you make the decision to subscribe and keep listening to this podcast because it doesn't mean a lot to me that people do check it out and people listen so we got some stuff to talk about. I up the last three winners of indiana state. High school football. This tab has been opened fire fox for quite some time we talked about the first three. And then just never got back to you. Have ones stuff happens like that. So we're gonna talk about class a class three and class five a class a being the smallest schools in the hoosier state and this one had the local representative while close to local. I guess south adams and the star fires. They had a very very nice season. Also coming at christian as well. They played lot of southeastern indiana schools. And this one. Probably the most exciting of the state champs in indiana as covid christian holds off saf atoms forty one to forty salve. Adams finishes the year thirteen and one covenant christian. A perfect fifteen zero record. Splendid stuff james arnold of south adams named the rest mental attitude award recipient covenant christian wins their first state title in any sport so congrats goes out to see see there. And from what. I remember south adams was trailing by a large chunk and then took the lead late in the covenant christian came back and won it so again congrats to those who squads now for class three a. It's indianapolis bishop should target forty two danville fourteen and she rolls through state record extending fifteenth title.

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