A highlight from How Trump's attempts to undo the election give Biden room for his cabinet unveil


Specifics. On austin biden minute but here we are in. It's a point. I the third democratic president row. Bill clinton had bill communist a second term pentagon chief reform at the time a republican senator. Who was retiring. He picks it. Rock obama keeps gates. Republican holdover and at one point has chuck hagel a former republican senator. Here's joe biden now wanting to get a waiver for general whether they realize it or not i feel like these democratic presidents are reinforcing this caricature of the democratic party that they can't leave the pentagon i mean. That's that's great. That is that is a great observation is when we've been talking a little bit about the post newsroom as well One of the kind of Standout things out Biden's choice here. Though in my mind is just his Comfort level with this individual And oil austin. It's kind of fun. You can look through the department of defense's websites and You know search on photographic photographs of the two of them together. You'll come with quite a few on kind of images and they just did have a do have a long standing relationship and to me. That seems to be like the big through line that we're seeing here with biden and the choices that he's making tick yearly in the really kinda critical cabinet picks cabinet slots so alex when i read the anecdote earlier today. That was that said that Bo biden and general austin regularly attended mass together in pray together and had built a bond in in addition to the bond that that anti pointed out with. Just you can just look at the photo library and see how often biden was with with austin. There's no doubt in my mind why couldn't talk. President biden president by of this if they tried to but they are creating a extra headache on capitol hill one hundred percent. This is actually going to be a mess. You know the the thing. With general austin is that he will now require a waiver which means in addition to actually needing senate confirmation he actually now needs to get essentially legislation passed through the house as well so the the congress going to bite the apple of confirming this guy in addition you know. A lot of democrats went on the record in two thousand seventeen. Said they didn't support giving away her to then general mattis and as a result you know a lot of them are going to have to change their minds and you can bet. Republicans on capitol hill are going to point out that they're being hypocritical And in some cases some democrats including richard blumenthal and jon tester have indicated. They're unlikely to vote for a waiver. And so this is going to be a huge mess. you know. At the very beginning there was a lot of talk about how biden was picking safe pets that we're going to breeze through confirmation but now you have three in a row really have near tandon you have hobbies peseta and you have at lloyd austin and their confirmation battles are going to be a lot tougher than those first few picks. You know it's funny. I want to stick with austin a minute here. Anne one of the things. One of the questions we've all had is is when donald trump blew through norms. Could you restore some of them. Back and You know and there's been this debate. I have vacillated on it back and forth. Can you restore some of these norms. Or you're gonna have to legislate him back and to me. This is proof and granted. It's one example here with lloyd austin in the waiver but he here is. Here's one norm blown through by trumpy sensually with and we wondered. Well it's not gonna get restored on. Its own you know and and should we even have it in the law to try to to try to create a norm that we also then. We'll just go ahead and override it whenever we feel we want to but to me. This is an early warning. Sign that if you think we're restoring a some of these other norms that a you don't understand human nature. I think that's right. I mean you know you look at if you think about president trump knocking down these norms and the these what these norms do provide guardrails for the presidency That's what they are and by knocking them down. You know a person. Like joe biden can say look you know of of course. My presidency is about restoring norms. But then you do get to pick and choose which ones you restore and it's always easier to go through a alive or presidency without guardrails at somebody else has put up so biden really is in this kind of Mb -able position. Right now of you know. Being able to say that he is his style is he will restore some of these norms but he does get to choose the ones that That he doesn't But he doesn't wanna follow. And i will say one thing disturbing what alex said about the difficulty that this individual is going to have on the hell. Not only does austin have the waiver to worry about but also his his corporate record is going to cause consternation for democrats and Particular his board see at on raytheon. That sold weapons to saudi arabia for their war against yemen. Which many democrats are very very very uncomfortable with so you're gonna see a lot of different areas where there can be points on on this particular nominee and alex. What is the case. That i mean to me. If you're gonna ask congress for this waiver then you have to make the case that not a single other person that you can come up with is qualified to lead the pentagon and this moment that it had to be this person this moment matt s because of the unusual nature of donald trump his behavior. It was easy to convince members of congress. Man you need somebody who's been around the block at the pentagon and if trump's okay with this guy let's take right i. There was sort of that undue unwritten right an unwritten case for why. Yeah you had to do the mattis thing right for national security that that case is not here with austin and i would say michelle. Flournoy is just as qualified. Yes and i think this is one of the biggest problems why the biden team is really scrambling to get its defense now. I think ideally would've liked to have presented him as like the historic first. He's the first black man to lead the pentagon but you know the news leaked out early. I'll say politico reported. I and as a result you saw they're supposed to ding. I should have a dig at any time and you can post blog outdo nbc peacock plugs. You know we'll just do the little things but anyway but as a result you saw that they were not prepared for this rollout. The cbc members were completely you know they. They scrambled to get their statements out of support but it took them almost twenty four hours to really line it up and as to your point there were other people involved and you also have michelle flournoy. Who actually you could. Argue is more qualified and has more expertise on on things like china and also you had a lot of women the national security space beal that yet again a very well qualified woman was passed over. And so you had another group of democrats. Really sort of airing. Their grievances with this picket was not sort of a united democratic front. That the Camp was really hoping when introducing this controversial pick any

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