A highlight from Prememento #134: Season 4 Episode 13 - David Wagner


These woods us. It's possible and season about basket. Go obviously how was the mask move. Jim carey job mask terrible. That's always carry those cds with me. Out of all of them fell out. I think they smoke and the film has been brought up. These will actually be the most positive review tbilisi's royalties because the best reviews the x eight point. Forget the chart. The end of the podcast. We the official support which. I'm not sure to be paid us by others a weeks about saturday. We'll sell unfortunately five dollars. A week probably exceeded the box office. Intake trust me. I wake got money from but in terms of our lots of mentioned this in a previous stories. If you're up to your mental fitness moi cohen mask situation was i was wearing something which was emblazoned with a bovine nations. Fancy why saying cowardice on. I'm not sure about china indonesia. He's the thing about the breakdown of this whole and really a the question leading to which is decided by stone so travel and the way you move in a diocese basis from point a. to point b. and wave cannon congo in that regard where lost moscow and being very foreign places and consummated on as always sort of retried moi steps some twenty four hours after so definitely how. They went off the bus tonight for not in possession of data so it's been less than twenty four hours. They're release places. Up can book so i was walking up to walk cursing. No one's gonna pick up around the musk and throw in the bin oil even take it for themselves so there is a possibility more being in the vicinity wind may have taken it in different directions of where i left. They were wearing my potentially now my pocket in the brisk forty minute walk from pasta to work now. It does economy then at that point incredibly dodgy. Eight would look if our fire in the musk. Not the master david or even the my sponsor and then put in a pocket because The face the published really. You're wearing something to troy. Bob jones and yet caseloads. John's unexpired happening. What are the last things oil lost before while. Just all this shit happens. It's long time ago. When i went away to before all this happened. Last game went to which is as a fucking terrible guy. I went away to watch. Bill play so much program on a rail replacement bus. There's talk about how second wave is going to be worse than the first wave but demonstrate how the best way once that during those lot are moments i went online to the prince of the program. Pay double just so. I can have complete collection together program for match which we lost wish. We were terrible. Wish i probably had one of the worst travel experiences in terms of actually getting home about four hours light. Gt various delays and such things much program on around place for books. There's no such thing as a you. Equivalent to country music in america definitely now. If you ever wanted to invent genre. I pay basically the arctic. Monkeys needs to cut it with things like that. It's a shame it was southampton sheffield because otherwise. It'd be demonstrated straightened so loss of innocence programs to masks as putting honestly because one of the things i thought about i was looking for these modules. Everybody scrambling to the microphone does let bigger than that. They're not marcus. Go pick by sending chinese. I wanna say general gist. The joke really filed to produce and it is true that i can't remember the last toy by kahn. Which is the point. A sizable lost something. And then find it again. I don't really have good luck with these sorts of things. There was an instance blessed year. Where boy a few other veggies with i- acquaintance of ours we traverse from one drinking establishment to the They were in fairly close proximity. And i'm no fear. But i think think cova stockpots way. We're sort of doing nothing of exchanging products where he was telling me by what he was up to. An almost going off this podcast. We did it for three years. Now can you describe and at the same time digging around him all back to try and form a laptop cartoon block. He wasn't thinking hang on. How did before came out another factor. How before okay on. Because i was doing anything of the score is participation. Rico documents north. Baltimore and i was scrubbing almost elected in. The pope doesn't know. I'll be in san high by most of and so i said to mutual friend. I'm going to go down to this drinking establishments about thirty seconds away. The roads. And i'm going to join recovery from behind boss or go into the pope. I acquired detention in the days. He goes to the ball. Get attention new. Got attention of the bus staff. Someone that's still oppose sitting here contained many hours of prominence. Oh goodness accolade goals. While the briefcase pulp fiction. Yup i know one hundred and to be fair august about half an hour ago at this point so the odds were that he would have been rhymed if it was because it none and also you housing's ub's the moment because it's not just about the money that it's gonna take to replace it by the work. It's about everything i believe. At this point we will only caught behind the building. So i was trying to keep up the pace and releasing them quite ferocious pace to use this. Jesus cross lockdown house us. Many many weeks ahead evolves up to end. I don't give up hope. And not so to the front of the pope. And i was about to take issue friends. I might not be funny. You might as well make your home. Don't know what fuck. I don't know how can try and recruit this and then looked on the front entrance of the pup was window a play on the windows as i was walking out the pope and trying to fit things into been lift there for half an hour with no more seeing it not taking it. Low talked to buy. If you're going to recover something to austin. This is probably the most position i have. I'd also i'd might leave in folks every everyone for half an hour without anyone. This is clearly too much of a police. Operation stink to thank of until it demonstrates both the chivalry of the establishment you read. I'd also the foul site methods. Stay in your mind to keep things safe though that safe that you can. You remember what whatever was linked to the about ovaries hearings back for the court of public. Decided you guilty of withholding from the politics and grandpa's my laptop release some great content and then unfortunately so it. It'll be two years when i put my laptop and they lose it this storm so this gets lost. Seattle's talk basically the pasta listening to these nag the laptop in the future. What are leaving somewhere else and to not one person has some high fine. My laptop finished. Anything found more passwords loaded into sports. Avoid you probably got all the details at this point but funky manage to load the podcast. Suffered that my congratulate you. This is a permanent podcast. Miami shook with long sauvage is always been season one. We went from getting them with the game. Number one season two was all about twenty nine hundred twenty all the way back to. I have rincon. I should primarily last year. We told the story of the property through the plaza cells. This time around. We're going one step. Further looking into the dugouts and the managers and the stories of those men the held both plaza fights and the close fights in their hands now on pipe. I note the episode of tolerable. I'm serving the house my laptop as efficiently. We decided not so we have the name the total with such with such a short time in a very clearly defined stop point and point on club in question all. I'm going to break protocol. I'm going to ask the fans. The question i asked my carpet center at the start of every podcast.

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