A highlight from WOOF or MEOW? Petcos IPO. Nestles 2050 food fantasy. Novembers Jobs Report.

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Yourself a free zuma account and what it causes your time and the time of all of your co workers and colleagues were in the meeting with you yes a whip out like a blackboard and go full on russell crowe in what am i thinking jack. Beautiful mind beautiful. Mind on this thing. If you add up the salary of everyone on your zoom meeting multiply that by the one hour. You resuming divided by eight hours a day divided by two hundred workdays per year. That is how you get the dollar cost of the meeting that you just finished or are about to enter. That's how much the meeting cost jack. We put this into practice with some realistic numbers on our side. Sure can we whipped up a little example. Here let's say you're an zoom meeting with like twenty people. Let's say the weekly salesman his birthday so and brought cupcakes everybody in the conference room in five minutes. And let's say all twenty of those co workers they make about seventy five now. We know you wish this was a half hour meeting but because cami set up the meeting. It's an hour long meeting so we crunch the numbers using our little formula. That meeting was a nine hundred and thirty seven dollar meetings. Darlene didn't even bring the good coffee. This darlene was that meeting worth a thousand dollars to the company. Canny weekly is a weekly meeting with fifty two thousand dollars a year. Think about its knackers. And maybe ask your manager if that meaning is worth fifty two thousand dollars a year. Jack i just got whole bunch of smackers out of ever having another weekly meeting. You're welcome. Let stars daily against rain. Food is candy. They don't respective us her family informational just so recommended any security. It's not a research. Report or investment advice offer or sale of a security next digestible business. News video robinhood financial. Llc member favors less s. p. c. four our first story. Petco just filed. Ipo they are seizing the opportunity of this dogged option moment. Oh my god they totally by the way snacker before we talk about this. There is an awkward situation going on over at petco because their logo has a dog and a cat like very awkward close to each other and petco just decided what their stock ticker symbol is going to be. They went with wolf. Great ticker symbol. I love the spirit of it. But what about the cats and what about meow which is sitting there are available as at dickerson. But we got a favor child situation here. Probably dog people apparently over at paco. You can actually prove it. We command this as one document and we found cat was mentioned. Nine times and dog was mentioned. Fourteen times and lizard was mentioned. Zero times lizards naggus. His name was ganguly wag. It was scaly but we can talk about that later. Jack jack and i spent the weekend jumping and snacks out to their. Ipo paperwork the ipo. Petco tells all every company that wants to. Ipo has to put out a document is the real thing on this thing and it turns out sales over. Petco jumped ten percent over the last year. Pretty solid it's not profitable though we should let you know that. That's still an improvement. Though because sales were falling in two thousand sixteen seventeen and eighteen and then in two thousand and twenty what happened well adopt a palooza happened. And everyone's pets getting up at definitely a solution situation. Petco sanity kind of cocky in this one. They did get this. Unlike the first page. Jack i noticed petco described itself as the only complete health and wellness company for pets. While there's no emphasis in nick's only there. Because they folded it. Yep and underlined the word only also it was all caps sounds kind of insecure yet does does kind of send it secure but what jack and i found fascinating about pecos. Ipo there was one really revealing detail. They mentioned the word commerce seventy nine times but they mentioned store one hundred fifteen times. That's right and you can't talk about petco without talking about our bodies over. Chu chu is online. Only it's the e commerce. It's the amazon for pet supplies and choice. Stock has doubled over the last year because online pet care. Sales are surging. All these new parents out there now. True dot com anchors. Customer would like monthly orders of dog food. But then you end up throwing a bunch of other things in the shop. Ca gotta feed the pooch every month so you end up doing their subscription program there anchoring yeah with talk food. Petco has a different strategy. They anchor customers with critical services to experience with your pet products to order for your pets. So petco is embracing the exact opposite of chewy is leveraging its strategic physical network instead of just doing online stuff. It's like a luxury resort for parents in their puppies there's ballclub at petco for grooming pets and they've groomed two million pets across fourteen hundred. Petco locations jacket doesn't stop there. They also right next to the spot clubs. Have petco training. They have taught two hundred thousand puppies to sit. Stay yes it okay. Still stay fourth parts. But then they don't wanna stop there they also have the spot club the petco training and vetco because he got to play off the petco name. They've bolted on nine hundred veterinary clinics into their stores. And they're opening up seventy per year. They actually like canceled. Whatever was nile six put in a veterinary clinic and actually increase sales at each of those stores. One stop shopping for everything pets in person in person with man's best friend. So jack what's the takeaway for our buddies over at. Petco retails not dead bad retailers yak. We said before. Can you say it again tells not. Does ecommerce gets all the attention smackers but sometimes guinea just physically go there in person. You can't get your jeep in oil change from chrome browser and ipad. Yeah check. I don't care. How many product managers they throw at this thing over and cupertino get these numbers knackers if you did spot club over at petco you spend twice as much at petco. Is the average customer if you petco training for your new puppy you spend three times as much as the average petco customer and if you also did a vet visited petco. You spent a whopping six times as much at petco services. At petco physical stores didn't just retain customers. No no no no. They actually boosted the value of every single customer. Who's ball. I'd have four second story. Nestle wants to go carbon zero deal because nestle is food. They're actually the biggest food company in the world and food is carbon and carbon is food so snag may be like all right. Okay okay. i've heard this story before microsoft. it's already carbon-neutral like no big deal actually trying to go carbon negative. They're basically showing off embarrassing all the other companies. It's pretty impressive. But here's the thing. It's all about the industry or in because microsoft it's a digital company. Touchscreens doesn't create much. co two dozen. Put the food. Industry is the opposite of the software industry. You got to clear out of forest to make a field. You gotta plant that field with seeds. You got a water. The seed. So they grow going to harvest the corn. You gotta fertilize it. Got a rear cattleman and my god. Then you've got to feed the cattle that corn to the cattle can keep on getting reared. And then you gotta get to kick cats. An attached to the sides of the kick cats to make one bar every time a kit. Kat i almost say tiktok always the same thing to me. Tic tac tiktok snacks. This is all very carbon intensive stuff it sending a lot of greenhouse gases up into this so basically nestle is literally in the business and move in carbon to other carbon which emits an insane amount of carbon and again nestle is the biggest food producer in the world is not just nestle chocolate. There's a whole bunch of brands onto that company and get this nestle. The company is responsible for double the greenhouse gases as its home country of switzerland. That's why we are so shocked by nestle's twenty seven page plan to get carbon neutral by twenty fifty it because he's not just like you know tell incb. Hq to bring your own mugs to work. They can eliminate paper products. My favorite is they're telling people to bring in sweaters. They can keep the heat down to save energy but they're also not doing some one hundred percent renewable energy thing they stick turbines and every single parking space. They are doing all of those things but they're also going directly to the land where the food is ground. That's the key here. They're chatting with five hundred thousand farmers that produce all of their food farmers that peru's the crops that the ingredients for your kid cat they're gonna be taught and incentivized how do regenerative agricultural practices by nestling case example improving manure management critical thing to do. They're also gonna feed animals different food so they produce less methane less sticky alternatives here. They're gonna add plants and organic fertilizer to the soil that the cadillac since they would naturally capture and store the carbon better very agrarian stuff with five hundred thousand farmers. That nestle has to chat all right. So the first thing jack knifed thought of when we heard about this was a whole bunch of business. School professor's got paid a whole bunch of money to come up with smart sayings that they probably used at nestle is what gets measured gets managed. Yep and if it doesn't have a great business school saying and this one that jack mentioned what gets measured gets managed that is key for nestle. That's why nestle decided to also peg the compensation that executive get to achieving these environmental goals. Yeah mrs thompson. You're sales goals twenty million dollars but your tree goals. Twenty million trees in our goal was to plant twenty million trees this year thompson. How did we do their. your bonus depends on it. So jack what's the takeaway for our buddies over at nestle nestle as saying environment to everybody but to wall street is saying profits sneakers. Here's the kicker ceo's pay is still determined by the stock prices that simple. That's why the was quick to point out. This initiative is earnings neutral. Yeah so like that. Three point six billion dollars in cost. They're gonna feel from it. It's gonna be offset by higher prices on the nestle stuff you by nestle believes that a reputation for taking care of the planet fighting climate change. It's going to resonate with customers. Nestle's picturing urine aisle six. We're going to see some orioles made by their rival mondelez and then be like a wait. A second mondelez doesn't invest in carbon-neutral stuff as nestle. Does you put the orioles back. You grab nestle's hot pockets instead because shirts going to destroy your body but no need to destroy earth to snack until laws change or we like tax and find companies for polluting see are going to have to strike this like koumba balanced situation. You can only be pro environment. If it doesn't hurt profits. So jack. And i applaud nestle for finding a way to save the planet and keep shareholders happy a combat situation for our third and final story. It was just the first friday of the month which means one thing and one thing only jobs report friday. We learned that phase one of the jobs recovery. His over yet but phase two is slow painful and could take four years now stack when you heard people talking about this. Recent jobs report. The monthly jobs report the main number you heard was two hundred forty five thousand new jobs for just added to the economy which sounds like a really big number. The other big number you're going to hear is six point seven percent. That is the new unemployment rate that we have in this country. That's slightly improved from the month before. But here's the thing. Jack snack style and that number is pretty deceptive. In fact jack. And i think you got to rename the november jobs report the lean on mom. Report the big reason. The unemployment rate has improved so much is because one and a half million people have dropped out of the workforce in the last two months. Let's let that settle on one. Half million people. Just disappeared from the workforce. They're not working anymore and they're also looking for work so technically they're not an employed but they don't have jobs either and here's a keep most of the people who just left the workforce they were women probably stuck staying home to take after kids who were zooming into class while they're also doing childcare most were moms are being hit hardest by this jobs report in this stage and the economic recovery. That's what just happened in november. But we gotta kinda sprinkle some context on this thing and look at all the jobs that were lost in the last year we lost twenty two million jobs in march and april when shelter in place was ordered by so many states and so far we've recovered half of those twenty two million jobs. We've got like eleven million of those jobs back. We got the first half of the jobs back. Basically in may and june and those were the easy ones. Yeah they were the ones that the temporary furlough the dentist office. The department stores people who were put on pause and then brought back into the workforce when shelter in place ended. They got rehired actually wasn't too painful at all right. So that's the eleven million got rehired but then we've got eleven million people who are still unemployed from march april and they've been permanently laid off. They used to work at companies like restaurants bars travel or tourism and those old employers. They might be out of business now. Which means all those people mainly need completely new job. So jack what's the takeaway for buddies over in the economy. This jobs report. Maybe the straw that breaks congress's back stacks. One of the key developments in twenty twenty was the cares act that hit in march three trillion dollars sprinkled across the economy to help us. All survive cove major financial support that made the summer like a little less bad for families that had just sadly lost their jobs. So that's support ran out months ago and the pandemic is worse than ever. Yes jack and are looking at two key numbers here first. She got the human loss from the pandemic on wednesday a terrifying two thousand eight hundred eighty five americans died of covid nineteen and then on top of that got the economic loss at the pace that we're gaining jobs november. It'll be twenty twenty four by the time we're back to pre cova full employment so in order to move beyond that there is a nine hundred and eight billion dollars. Compromise package hoping to pass congress. Before the biden inauguration in next month it would help people businesses state cities hospitals. Everyone would get a little bit of love to truly survive until the vaccine. Jack can your whip up the takeaways for us to start the week. Headquarters filed to ipo. The physical version of truth dot com codes made its retail stores luxury resorts for the power retails not dead. Bad retail's dead for a second story. Nestle's business is pre inherently pretty carbon intensive because nestle saying environment everyone profits to shareholders for our third and final story. The jobs report shows that eleven million people are unemployed and another one and a half million jobs but aren't looking either but it could be the straw. That finally breaks congress's back now time for a snack today. This one senate by jessica lee from charlotte north carolina currently at yale. According to the book the nudge by richard tolerate buck married couples. Who have lived together for twenty five years. They begin to physically resemble each other. We repeat yes. Start looking like the person you're dating living with marriage and it's a result of prolonged tation. Here's the funny. You're gonna start to pick up on this around breakfast and stuff. Because you end up unconsciously imitating each other's expressions end up looking like the other person time it changes the appearance of your face. I'm thinking like a couple more seasons of sex daily. I'm going to be like this. Is nick knackers. We can't wait to start the week with you and right now we're thinking about pearl harbor. Remembrance day december seventh nineteen forty one day that went down in infamy and before we go saqer's big congrats to allie. F shark Snacker leaving the air force for new corporate job. Best of luck and congrats to today manuka. Who just finished up. Americor indiana christina us. You may have to disclose her. She's a shareholder adopted a new puppy over in denver christina. Are you part of the problem. Or part of the solution now. Roxanne and juan jose congrats on the anniversary over in the netherlands. Happy birthday to fill so sway in luxembourg and to tony in fayetteville arkansas and brandon ortiz in queens new york and to nick kumar in westchester disillusioned. Furthermore giovanni in hillard. Ohio and to david kubiak in milwaukee wisconsin and toma fisher in some new jersey and mo- in dc and kamilah rivera in atlanta and. Happy birthday kristen. Down the street in san francisco. Congratulations to britney topalli jones for graduating up in wine country healdsburg california papa peanut forest. Britney this is nick and chewy and neither his jack but my mom owns like way too many shares of jewelry. The robin hood snacks podcast. You just heard reflects the opinions of only the hosts who are associated persons of robinhood financial alyce and does not reflect the views of robinhood markets inc or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. The podcast is for informational purposes. Only is not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security and is not an offer or sale of a security. The podcast is also not a research report and is not intended to serve as the basis of any investment decision robin hood financial llc member finra as ipc.

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