Evening while they look for the cause of the fire.


Wittmer gave an update on the virus numbers Thursday and indicated she may have to extend any reopening because of the volume of covert 19 cases. The Appropriations Committee chairs in the state. House and Senate now have a supplemental budget request from the state budget director Chris Cold, He says the requested to provide additional state money for the covert 19 battle and help people statewide. It has funds for small businesses and individuals hit hardness, along with money for testing, contact, tracing Peopie hospital staffing and support for nursing homes and veterans homes. A massive fire in a boat storage facility in Monroe County this morning did significant damage to the business. Flames were reported shortly after 6 A.m. at the Toledo Beach Marina, and crews battled the flames. For several hours. Officials have contacted the U. S Environmental Protection Agency about a possible fuel leak in the water. Fire crews are expected to be unseen for the rest of the evening while they look for the cause of the fire. We

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