The Passing Shot 2020 End of Season review - SIXTEEN awards including Player of the Year; Match of the Year; Flop of the Year; Facemask of the Year; Nick Kyrgios Tweet of the Year and more!


To the passing shots. Twenty twenty award share cease put. Data isn't gentlemen. Thank you kim. Final episode of the season. We have made it this far. I think we've tug seventy old episodes this season but with finally hair. And what better way to commemorate looking back on the season that we've had than with a good old fashioned review an award show if you will. It's always going to be like the passing shots of oscars for the tennis season. That was which was kind of like it was kind of split into hearts. Wasn't it was an gina. Joe i am struggling to remember the pre lockdown paul season. Now i just feel it was such a long time ago. It was a different world is a different entity entirely. And i have to say a lot of i think my awards or the the things that spring to mind when i was kind of considering who i was going to pick his who like the latter part the season which is slightly unfair to those achieved a lot. I think in the first few months but you know. It's just hard to think back to normal times i suppose. But yeah we'll do op. We've got about sixteen categories for award shea and this will be our lost a part of the season so we having a a nice christmas break. After this i think is is funny. Isn't it because i'm i didn't know about by genuinely was struggling a little bit in terms of thinking about oh this amendment. So happened happened. Pre pre lockdown of course. We had the the australian open. But yeah i had to research in terms of thinking about actually what what happened across the whole season. Because i was thinking i could just in the forefront of my mind was the moments that happens post lockdown. Where you know. We're sort of in this in this new world. And as a result of that i think my mind was almost cut a bowl more alert to it. But yeah we we've got we've got sixteen so catch grayson. Some serious ones some fun once. We're gonna get free them from one by one listeners. Of course we've each category. I'm sure you have your opinions. Wicked have our opinion as well. I think some of the we also of agreeance on the some of the way you say have split opinions on. So let's

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