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The language you learned in the classrooms here little tape snuggle. It'll get you it'll la this summer and I'm practicing yeah. Well, it'll get you so far. But then on a day-to-day basis or no, you learn you learn you learn the phrases in the little ways of saying things that mean exactly what you want to say and they're saying, do you things that mean exactly what they want to say that's the living language. Wow and we've learned a lot from our kids too because they go through talion school they they know it all yeah as always correcting. Fantastic but you feel happier you think, yeah, this is this is a dream come true and as everyone said today, you know you have a fantasy and no matter what's going on in your life whether you love it you don't love it. If you don't fulfill that fantasy and fantasies strong, you just can't go on you have to do it the worst thing to do. is to die with regret exactly. I couldn't couldn't agree more. Okay. Megan Dom chose a new life for herself on a dare she decided if she had the guts to pick up and move twelve hundred miles away from home to a place where she didn't know not one person then she believes she'd be able to accomplish absolutely anything in life making what made you dare yourself I had what was essentially a glamorous life I in New York City I was a writer I was a writer in New York. That's all I've ever wanted to be in that was what people expected of me I went to parties did readings ahead lunches with editors and I love my life but always in the back of my mind I wanted to live on a farm. I wanted to be the prairie. Yes. There was a part of me that love the city that you'd be like at the four seasons having one of those nights cosmopolitans thinking in the back of my mind, I'd like to be on a prairie, right ass? Really. Yes. I I grew up reading little house on the prairie and I wrote it ran around a son Bond and even in New Jersey Real I grew up and. I discovered Nebraska because I travel a lot for work I was Nebraska Nebraska I. Do I was doing a story and I traveled a lot and I spent a week there and I met a couple of people who were extraordinarily friendly to me and the combination of their hospitality and just the landscape. it stayed in the back of my mind I really always thought. Could I live there? No, you know I would come back to New York and think, no, this is my whole. You just there I. was there a little house on the prairie now now I live on a little house on the Prairie Oprah. Go outside. You do really and how do you feel? Privileged really I have the ability to look out the window of my office. Sit at my computer email my friends in new. York and all over the world do my work and look out at a wheatfield and the sunset and my sheets hanging on on the line with real close pins. I never even used real close pins. People in New York. Don't know what they are. Sent the laundry out never even done it and I. Just I feel privileged to be in that landscape and I feel incredibly fortunate that I live in time and that I have a career that has transportable. I don't even know if this is the kind of thing that people could have done. So easily five years ago it's amazing. The freedom that the technology is granting us is that. You can sit right there took computer founded on not affected my career. Yeah. Yeah. Is your friends think you're crazy 'cause I know like Andrea was saying, Gee, wind in bemoaned with their friends all the. So you get a lot of resistance from people going girl what's the matter with you? I thought I was crazy. Yeah. We're taking bets how soon be back three weeks six weeks six months. They didn't know where Nebraska was I had a going away party and I had I made invitations in the shape of Nebraska I'd say. Three people out of about sixty five recognized what? They thought they said Oh. I thought my cat chewed. This did not know what the shape of the invitation was astonishing. I could've been I could've moved to Australia and they would not have been as fazed as if I was moving to Nebraska really. Yes. Congratulations Veronica Clark was the apple of her family's I. Now she's afraid that by choosing the life she wants to herself she'll be a big disappointment to them take a look. Dear Oprah. I thought I did everything right? I studied hard in high school and college and graduated from both with honors. I decided to fulfil my father's dream and become a lawyer. Well. Law School was not all it was talked up to be. I struggled the entire time but with God's I graduated on time. My family was so excited and proud of me. My Mom Dad fourteen brothers and sisters and extended family and friends Joe more than eight hours to be at my graduation who ray. We have an attorney in the family. Little did they know that after the first semester I had serious doubts? I knew I did not want to be a lawyer. I made it through graduation and allowed everyone to talk me into taking the Florida bar. Oh no I thought if I, pass the bar then I'll have to practice long. The anxiety of it all caused me to become a workout main yet anything to not studying. I am surprised as anyone that I actually passed the. Bar. Having sealed my fate I sought out legal employment and was hired. I just could not let my family down. Moreover I had to make my daddy proud. But the pressure pursuing everyone else's dream is getting to me. I. Am unhappy all the time an angry that I'm not living my own life. I know it's time to make a change, but admitting it to my family's scares me today. Well, this will do it for you right here. Oh Lord they're talking now Veronica went on that show. she just quit practicing law and is now unemployed and has not officially told her father the big news because she's afraid of letting him down hope you tell him before he sees his show of course. Yeah. You tell them that I'M GOING TO BE ON OPRAH For not being a lawyer. Baby but no I mean we all support you and I know all the people who've been on the show here will support you in in your desire to follow your heart stream. As you were saying earlier, George was saying that you can pursue the money or you can pursue the title or you can pursue your heart's desire. Do you know what that is? Actually, I went on spiritual sabbatical or resigned about four months ago that's going to be the price as well. and I decided that to advocate for children to promote education and the well-being the mental wellbeing for children and I know now that to speak for a child is probably the most notable thing that I can do adults and others have people arguing and family court over what their issues are the child really get stuff out and I said maybe not practicing law something more social work something more meaningful and I liked my. Life enough to exist it insistent now, I love it enough to to live it. Wow to limit now. Okay. We heard for many of you who feel very overwhelmed with the responsibilities of your existing life. You feel stuck We ask Gary Zoo cobb for his thoughts on how to find the strength and really the courage and spirit to choose the life of your dreams. That's what you're here for that

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