The Skeptics Guide #798 - Oct 24 2020


So that's seventeen thousand, eight, hundred, seventy, four proteins that they have described back in twenty eleven they only had thirteen, thousand, five, hundred, Eighty, eight. One proteins. So they've discovered thousands of these these you know the of these proteins with a confidence level of pt one you could say, so the team's goal then is to find p one evidence for at least all the current P to level proteins. If they could do that, then I think they'll be. Much. Even closer who knows maybe ninety four, ninety, five percent of the of of all potential proteins mapped. So that's what they did. So now we come to the benefits. What kind of benefits are we talking about? Wow. Okay. We've got a proteome that's ninety percent complete big deal some some have argued that the Human Genome Project was twenty years ago. What have we done? We don't have any miracle cures now, I I would disagree we've made a made amazing strides, but like I said, the Genome Project, the Human Genome Project was this step. One has lots of other oems that we need to deal with to really get a handle on what's going on the radio maybe one of the biggest, but there's also the bacterium and all sorts of homes out there. So yes. So I think we if you. Look at the benefits of what's possible here I think they could be quite extraordinary professor. Chris overall describes strapped as a significant milestone in our overall understanding of human life this because once we know all the proteins once we know all these proteins and ninety percents solid start once we get up to even higher than we can more fully understand how they interact not only with each other, but with the body and the environment as well. And that that could revolutionize medicine by giving insights into disease prevention and truly individualized medicine I. Think we could see some amazing things when this when this really starts rolling and don't forget there's also some covert nine possibilities as well because think about it with covert nineteen what are you have there? You have to produce films that are interacting right you've got the SARS cove to virus and and the infected cells. So these are two. Programs that are interacting and modifying each other and messing with each other and the more we know about our proteome, the better the better the better chance to have dealing with covert nineteen professor or overall said understanding. This relationship can shed light on why some cells and individuals are more resilient to covert one, thousand, nine and others more vulnerable providing essential functional information about the human body genomics alone cannot answer. So so congratulations to everyone. Throughout the world really who participated in this proteome, this first draft release of the proteome project and and good luck getting those those choose down to e ones and getting even closer to all one hundred percent of all the predicted proteins that the human body has and uses. Yeah. It's quite a scientific accomplishment than you know of course, we have to talk. About like what the effects are going to be of this but that takes years even decades to be felt but this is an incredible resource for scientists for researchers you know if any researcher is basically look up any protein in the Bahati that they need to work with or that they need to consider or whatever, and there it is the amino acid sequence then. You know it's just a it's an. Incredibly, useful resource and we'll help accelerate progress in medical science. What this will actually lead to who knows. But yeah. But it's also the same thing happened with the genome project. They promised all kinds of things. So yeah, that's true but it's GonNa take twenty thirty years. You know don't expect these things to happen tomorrow just because we have the genome just just this is a now a tool four science, but it takes time for those benefits to sort of work their way through the system. And I think It's pretty clear that there are going to be amazing benefits. But like you said, specifically, what kind of benefits hard to say but the fact that there will be benefits I think there's essentially there's no doubt there's no doubt this can't not help. It can help it'll be a powerful research tool. Absolutely. All Right J let me ask you questioned. Have they finally cracked room temperature superconductivity. I. Guess the answer I guess the answer is yes but. Nobody yeah. There is A. Has Sure. Yeah. The temperature threshold they've been able to mitigate that problem, but something else happened so. At I, want to say the people who write headlines if they just need to relax. Their judge I don't. I know but I really do believe that the headline writers around the world are part of the information problem that we have because they always have to insert a little bit of drama thinking this'll get more readers. Yeah. But you're essentially borderline lying with the way that these headlines come out here and this was on the BBC and they said superconductors material raises hope of Energy Revolution and the headline implies that a recent. No, but it's you know. But this is I would say very light version of you typically read because I'm sure that people are going to be putting headlines out saying that. Yeah true. There there now is a energy revolution because of the you know this study that happened you know the the headline is, is kind of saying that superconductor superconductor technology can usher in this new energy revolution. That's. Going to happen very soon. So of course, that's not reality because the fact of the matter is that this was an incremental move that just happened. So let me just give you a little background on superconductors. A superconductor is in everyday circumstances as an example wiring and all the electronic devices in your house. They're not superconductors right. This means that when a current is passed through the wire that you have in your house that wire has a certain level of resistance and you put this simple, you can think of resistance as friction that happens between the electrons and the wire material whatever that wire, it's a copper wire the electrons are banging around and they lost some friction which causes. That's right. So the benefit the benefits, all true superconductor is that you don't lose any of the electricity as it gets changed into heat the nothing gets converted into heat. It's all of the electricity that goes through the wire makes it to the other end. So theoretically, a superconductor would be able to have electricity passing through it with zero resistance zero loss, and if you had electricity in a circular superconducting wire, have a wire that's in a circle and you feed it a current. The electricity would be able to pass around that circle in that wire forever theoretically right. So we have achieved superconductivity in in other materials of than you know things that we use

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