How to Have More Time for Yourself


Every day I, get up between five thirty and six o'clock with the baby, my feed him, and then at seven o'clock I get your kids up for school, get them downstairs they have their breakfast and then I get them off to school but according to eight, and then I have about another hour before my preschool delete and that's when I start my day I put Joe Down for his nap at about nine o'clock, I might spend even more than twenty minutes looking for something to wear the best refused to go buy clothes for myself because I am convinced in my head that one day I am going to have time to exercise my way back to my size eight. By to have. I'm children's made. Spent. About twenty minutes cleaning up the rooms after they're gone on picking up this PJ and this. And this, and this, and this, and this all over the floor and I find him in corners because their plane slingshot with them boys are eight, six, five and five months old. And that generates loud laundry and I do it all I wash it I folded I heard it. I put it away, and that takes time at eleven o'clock my kindergartner comes home the baby's getting up. So, the kindergartner is Hungary get him a snack Joey hungry for breakfast I feed him breakfast quarter twelve. Jeffrey comes home from school that get the two boys lunch play with a little bit. Per Day. The bathroom is a huge issue for me. I have three boys that regularly used the bathroom. It's you know what I mean. Every one of my boys is like Target challenged when it comes to catch. Every I. I don't like the first be dirty. You know I look at them I see spats all over. It makes me sick makes me crazy when I get motivated to exercise see toy on the floor and start thinking about the needs to be cleaned up and get off of it then I. Drew Mark and then I never get the guy that again. Talking on the phone is probably a time. Robert for me. Because When I'm talking on the phone although I'm cordless I, sit down with my coffee I could be getting things done, but I just want to give them my full time. So I don't really do anything and then evening activities began every night four nights a week we have sports activity to get to buy usually about five or five thirty. We get home from a sporting events usually between six thirty and a quarter to seven. If I have not yet given the kids dinner because we had a crazy afternoon, I got to think about what I'm feed them many times. It's you know they'll go McDonald's working that went bad eight thirty because. Early in the morning at about ten thirty my husband, my fall asleep on the couch I'm putting around laundry usually about eleven thirty twelve back. So. Were you able to find time for her? Yes. Plenty of time for her to take care of herself ever you were able to find time there. Yes ma'am. Okay. Sure. We've found it. Sure. We sent Kathy to very case house to show exactly where she's robbing herself a valuable time. To do is go to the store just by handful of everyday outfits not many. These have you to the next six to eight weeks. That's going to say you ten minutes a day of searching for close to wear. Your boys for five six and eight and here old enough to do this themselves if they start doing your own choice God's GonNa free up winning four minutes day per you. Now we'd gave the boys, their own laundry baskets they're gonNA, collect it. They can also helped fold laundry and this is going to save you ten minutes a day my letting them help. Now, it won't be folded exactly like you like it folded. But it's more important to teach the boys responsibility and to give you ten extra minutes to refresh yourself during the day than to have a perfect blend closet little boys need to have target practice in the bathroom they need to hit the toilet. So you can take a paint can and draw a target on the bottom of the toilet bowl to they won't miss. You could also keep a little jar of cereal like Cheerios and let them drop one in the toilet and let them have target practice that way. When they finish, they can take an antibacterial wipe and wipe the seat if they missed. I. I want to suggest that you don't be a slave to the telephone let the calls go to answering machine and then call people back on your schedule when it's convenient and be sure to call long winded friends back when you have to go someplace in five minutes. So you don't have forever to talk also try to use your portable phone as much as possible. So you can get something done while you're talking on the phone this will save you thirty minutes a day you spend a lot of time every day over cleaning your house doesn't have to be as clean as you think. It's okay to have a dust bunny here and there. I want you to go on a cleaning fast I want you to take thirty minutes a day where you don't clean anything and I want you to stay focused on what you're doing this thirty minute cleaning fast going to add to your self nurturing time that's going to help you be better. Mom Wife Trent. Though Kathy saved Mary Kay a grand total of two hours and four minutes. To do with. Really liked sour. Take a really long show yeah I might even shave my legs. Dan Everybody's cracking up see there's the toilet is always the common denominator for all of us and the idea you say you've raised three boys yes. Boys like target practice have to have target practice and the cheerios in there. Yes. Yes. Gives them something to aim right. Works it works. Yeah and they can help clean the toilet if they mess with the bacteria waves. Them really I love them love them love them. Great. Great. I'm going buying for every room. Really the bacteria wipes great. Yeah. The bacteria wipes and they come in the package is not that obnoxious I mean you can kind have it out but I wouldn't want it on my countertop. Put put it right there decider into the cabinet. Yeah right and then you just pull one out and they work right and I'm telling you. The bathroom. I hate it I hate it. I hate

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