The Vampire of Dsseldorf Peter Krten

Serial Killers


As Dusk, fell on February eighth, nineteen, twenty, nine, forty, six, year, old Peter Curtain prowled the bustling boulevards of Dusseldorf searching for his next victim. He stopped outside Saint Vincent's Church, and leaned against the stone wall he watched as Rosa. Olica a young girl of about eight years old sauntered towards him Peter Shot Rosa of friendly smile and asked where she was headed unfortunately. Roseau was unaware that it's often best to stay away from strangers and freely told him her address. Peter. Extended his hand and offered to take the eight year old home as soon as they were alone on a deserted street Peter Seized Rosa by the throat and strangled her aroused by. Her Death Peter Sexually. Assaulted her body however like so many times before sexual abuse was not enough to satisfy him for that. He needed see read Peter pulled his trustee pair of scissors from his coat pocket and repeatedly stabbed Rosa in the chest. He would later claim that only when he saw the gushing blood, did he finally reach sexual satisfaction Peter Stared down at Rosa's lifeless body and noticed that a small wound had formed on Rosa's temple where she hit the ground and it was starting to bleed at the site of the blood Peter was seized by a sinister craving. He pressed his lips around the wound and sucked the blood from Rosa's skull. Peter derived a pleasurable sensation from the act and like when he first killed a sheep as a teenager, it would change his life forever. Vanessa. Is going to take over unless psychology here and throughout the episode please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks Greg Peters Consistent Sexual Sadism can be considered a pair of Philip Disorder. This is an abnormal sexual desire that causes harm to others according to the DSM five. They're eight classifications of para phileas and parasitic disorders. Prior to drinking Rosa's blood Peter fell firmly into the category of someone suffering from a sexual sadism para. Philip Disorder. Meaning that he derived sexual pleasure from hurting others but now Peter Succumb to an uncategorized para phillix disorder known as he Motta Linea or the sexual stimulation from blood. This is sometimes referred to as clinical vampirism or R-enfield Syndrome after the character. From. The Novel Dracula. Of course, Peter would never know the name of his disorder. He only knew his taste for blood was more literal than ever before he also suspected that the graphic nature of his crimes would provoke a series police investigation so he needed to tread carefully. Peter decided the best course of action would be to establish an alibi. So while his wife Ow Gustav. Was Out of the House he returned home to inspect his clothes for bloodstains and clean his scissors. Once he was presentable and weapon free he took himself to the movies on his walk home from the Cinema Peter. Thought. It might be a good idea to burn Rosa's body. Not only would this destroy any lingering evidence it would also increase the grisly nature of the crime that night Peter filled an empty beer bottle with the petroleum from one of his lamps then headed back to where he left Rosa but as Peter ventured toward Rosas body, he realized there were too many witnesses to set a fire on detective he hit. The bottle behind a nearby sign and decided to come back later early, the next morning Peter told his wife he was headed to the bathroom, but instead a snuck out the front door of their building he sprinted to the hidden petroleum, grabbed the bottle and made his way over to the hedges where he'd left Rosa's body Peter Poured the petroleum all over. The girl then dropped a lit match onto the corpse as soon as the flames ignited Peter made himself scares within minutes. He was home and crawled back into bed with his wife who was none the wiser a few hours later, construction workers discovered Rosa's charred body but the fire hadn't and Gulf the girl as Peter had hoped only her clothing and. A little bit of her hair had been burned. So she was easily

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