Engulfed in flames. No injuries


President Trump says he thinks Sasha Baron Cohen, the comedian behind the boar ad films, this quote a creep. Baron Cohen's new movie Borat. Subsequent movie film shows Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani in a rather compromising position in a hotel room with the young woman acting as a journalist. Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One on Friday night that he didn't know what happened with Giuliani's saying. Quote. You know, years ago he tried to scam these speaking of Baron Cohen, and I was the only one that said no way. This guy is a phony guy, Trump said. I don't find him funny. The movie opened on Friday. W GM Sports Game three of the world Syriza Dodgers over the raise 6 to 2 the Dodgerslead that Syria's two games to one Big 10 Football Underway. Wisconsin blew out Illinois 45 to 7 on Friday. Northwestern Hoods, Maryland later this evening

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