Midnight Moment - First Presidential Debate - Intro


Patriot Nation. Welcome page midnight Mamma's special post-debate addition. It is Spartan here with you got my cryptic and welcome to the post dumpster fire of Flash show analysis Les rolled off. All right. So we put out taking a few days to actually put this podcast together this particular Edition cuz we wanted to allow ample time for our for our fans are on our Facebook page to actually comment and give their opinions of what we all we all witnessed. I'll just call it that and kind of help us decide who won the debate now. Everybody's got their everybody's got their, you know for seventies and opinions for sure. But that said I think you know regardless of what side the aisle you sit on the overwhelming opinion is is should show a cryptic any thoughts on that. I don't know if we could sum it up any better. I mean, yeah, that's exactly what it was is a complete freaking shitshow wage at times. It looked like a freaking kindergarteners trying to fight over who's ball. It is too and I think it's who on one debating he has a another another another job. Gee what I mean, if there's any professional wrestling fans or ex fans or whatever these questions it looked like one of those three-way handicap matches Trump versus the versus the moderator and versus Joe Biden all cells, but that's just my opinion going cryptic. Oh, no, that's exactly what it came off to be is I think it was something that looked like it was should have been a fair debate that many can attest to that. It wasn't. Yeah and it changed from what should have been Trump versus buy them to wash versus by tan and Chris or Trump versus Chris or Trump versus Biden. I mean, it was just a shitshow of you know biding doing all the name calling Joe's. Yeah that and there's a I'll get into in my analysis. I'll bring it up as far the tactic Biden used and it's it's actually a fairly well-known debate tactic as most of you know, I am a girl They master debater and accounting or English and I'll get into that in my kind of summation and Analysis of it. We have that we the topic of the six six sections cryptic. Once you once explain that to our our fans what were the six seconds? So we got we the six segments. So the first segment was the coronavirus which I mean girls hugging surprised. I mean that's like one of Biden's to bullet points for his entire platform besides problems bad is the coronavirus and how magically he's going to have some way to fix it besides the fact of masking the entire nation, which don't even get me started on that. Well, you know, it must be it must be a good feeling to know if you're Joe Biden age and you're as in your as low intelligence and high dementia as you clearly is, you know that we need to get an office how much money the military is going to save on gas masks and yep. Like filters because you know clearly all we have to do based on the overall effectiveness of cloth mats for the deadliest virus in history is that you know, they can just issue the military cross Mass to walk into a job. That had infections on so that must that must make him feel real good that so besides that that's the first segment the next segment at the issues they talked about is the economy which you know, that was one that will get into that had one of my one of my favorites interactions burping the two that will get into the third one was the Supreme Court which will cover their the fourth one was race and violence in American cities and phone number so classic denounced white supremacy, but you know, we're not going to take that about antifa or demand that I mean, it's only happened twenty two times previously, so nobody else. What any of those so yeah, go ahead. Sorry. Yes. Yeah, cuz you can't do research then the next segment. The next segment is Trump's and vitamins records for their time in a government. So forty seven months versus forty seven

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