Seattle police strategy toward protesters evolves amid diminished crowd size


In the nightly protests that often end in a clash with police comas. Matt Markovich. Reports from the West Precinct worry questioned the chief about the changes. Police chief India says over the last 10 days there has been a shift and that the protests have been smaller and more manageable for police. But that same time Marchers tell me and marchers of the Black Me tell me there's been a shift on their side as well. Police say they're using new tactics when dealing with marchers, who begin to vandalize and the aggressive toward police officers are working to extract the individuals. From the crowd they've identified is generating the violence, and they say they've been more successful at this because officers are having a better system of backing up other officers during these protests that turned violent with what the department calls a community response group of officers. We've had a smaller crowd. It's been much more manageable while they have sought T create that confrontation. We've also taken a different approach to Addressing that because we've had sufficient resources. But it's speaking with members of the black community who have been on the front lines with these marchers. Tell me the make up of nighttime marchers has changed dramatically. They say it's a group of younger 20 somethings who are seeking out confrontations with police in the name of black lives matter. Those members I spoke with did not want to be identified because there's internal friction going on between people inside these marches, and many black commune members don't want to be associated with these nighttime marches. That's Cuomo's Met Markovich, according to interim police chief

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