Facebook expands its ban of QAnon on its platforms


This week facebook announced it was taking down any pages or groups tied to the far right conspiracy theory queueing on previously, the company had only removed content that encouraged violence. The outright ban is a big deal because generally facebook has resisted policing any content on its platforms. So will it work to slow the spread of baseless theories about a satanic cult of pedophile is running the world? Travis view is the host of the Cunanan anonymous podcast and has been reporting on the group. Has Inconsistent track record when it comes to enforcing their policies. But this appears to be pretty devastating to the Cunard community on facebook will probably limit their ability to organize and recruit new new people into the movement. Are. There loopholes that they might try to exploit well, yes. As a matter of fact, they may, for example, try to rebrand as simply anti human trafficking groups or try the use misspellings where they spell q c u e instead of Q facebook says that they're aware of how Cunanan messaging changes very rapidly they're going to try to react to that but that will see how well they do in the coming months. I. Think a lot of people are really stunned by the spread of these Really Bananas Theories that this group is spreading how do you think tech has enabled it and what can they we regulators due to to try to to stop it now one thing that social be couples could do with be stopped deciding that the metric of success is purely quantitative in terms of interactions and engagement and likes because this simply pushes people who are radicalized into these these rabbit holes in which they get even more radicalized. So they need to take more seriously the qualitative impacts at their algorithms and their platforms are having on people. And do you see this as a big step in that direction? Do you see facebook actually trying to root out even the ways Cunanan groups may try to get around its new ban. He'll I can't say I have a whole lot of confidence in facebook's ability to enforce policies consistently based on the track record. But when you look at the the amount of pages that were recently banned as a consequence of this new policy is seems to be quite substantial. So I'm hoping for the best do you think the platforms? Sort of legitimize them in a way. Tech

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