Alex Perez reporting wins news time for 18. Nearly half


They filed past many were weeping. They were eager to honor Diego Maradona, simply the country's most iconic soccer stuff. Some blew kisses as they pass the wooden casket in the main lobby of the presidential palace. The line stretching more than 20 blocks long and disturbances broke out at least twice. His fans clashed with security casket covered in the country's flag. The number 10 shirt he famously wore. Maradona died Wednesday of a heart attack while recovering from a brain operation at the age of 60 and Ivy League lottery group keeps on winning jackpots. How are they doing at least four Princeton graduates hitting the jackpot big time finding 66 winning tickets in multiple states with jackpots totaling more than $6 million. According to an investigation by the Indianapolis Star, one of them 27 year old men, Wilmont Ori has been on an 18 month winning streak cashing in 61 winning scratch offs in just one day in September. The paper reporting them on Tori was a philosophy major. And while attending Princeton, he landed a job at an investment company that manages to schools endowment. Alex Perez reporting wins news time for 18. Nearly half of

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