Believe that Joe Biden is legit.


Our elections, like if you don't believe our elections are legit. If you don't believe our elections there straight up, man. Then you don't believe that democracy can old man without the elections. I mean, the elections are the heartbeat of this republic. Every two years. Every four years. We elect people To represent us, man. If you don't believe those elections are on the up and up, then you You can't believe those representatives are legit. You can't believe the new president is legit. You can't believe Joe Biden is legit, and that's it. And that's what Trump wants. That's what this petty, ugly, cowardly, spiteful individual once He does not want 71 million Americans. Believe that Joe Biden is legit. The greatest democracy in the history of this planet. The current president doesn't want half of this country. To believe we had a legitimate election. I don't think that's funny. It doesn't make me sad. I get sad. When I think about the state of the Republican Party. It just makes me angry. What's going on right now. I'm angry at Trump. But I'm like I'm like bouncing against the walls Angry. At Republicans. For allowing this to happen.

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